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Denmark Hotels

Denmark hotels
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The southernmost of all Nordic countries, Denmark is a great entrance if you want to explore mystical Scandinavia.

From its remote fishing villages to its major cities that never sleep at nights, entire Denmark is filled with exciting cultural attractions.

Besides being a devoted implementer of democracy, Denmark is an open-air historical museum, every step hinting at the time gone by. Those with an eye for fashion and creative design will love Denmark’s unique and distinctive architectural style.

Experienced tourists will verify that the overall quality of your stay partly depends on your hotel as well. There are more than 300 hotels in Denmark, each one offering a unique experience for foreign visitors.

As each city has its set of attractions and places of interests, there is never a shortage for hotels. Copenhagen, Aarhus, even Ribe and Roskilde, each offer a list of hotels strongly related to their own heritage and peculiarities.

hotel in denmark

However, this doesn’t mean that rooms are always available. In summers it might even be impossible to find a room for the night. Before heading off to explore the sights and sounds of Denmark, make your hotel bookings.

In the majority of times, you won’t need to bother about the transportation within the cities. Hotels are usually located within walking distance to the most popular places of interest. Sure, there are destinations that are situated outside of the cities, but these could be reached by bus.

If you don’t want to spend the night in the middle of the city, perhaps you don’t like the noise or want to enjoy the nature too, almost every city has at least one hotel outside the “city walls.” These kinds of hotels are more like resorts and include pools, playgrounds for children, tennis and golf courts.

Besides the hotels in and outside of the cities, there are those that are located near airports. They are mainly used by transit flight passengers (if they have to stay overnight before their next flight) and airport staff.

Once you have made your hotel bookings and travel arrangements in Denmark, you are ready to plan the daily activities of your holiday. Hotels in Denmark (and especially those in Copenhagen) tend to be positioned around major attractions, so it is easy to explore many towns and cities on foot.

Some of the most popular Denmark hotels are the following:

• Hotel Astoria

• Quality Airport Hotel

• Hotel Bel Air

• Cab Inn Scandinavia Hotel

Copenhagen hotels
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If you want your vacation to be flawless, you will have to spend a little extra money and go to some of the most luxurious hotels in Denmark.

The majority of truly luxurious hotels, where you can feel yourself a king or a queen, or at least a prince or a princess, are located in Copenhagen.

The tendency is when you got to smaller cities, hotels pay attention to the themes rather than comfort or luxury. The rooms are furnished with Viking style, the buildings are around 2-5 centuries old.

Hotel D’Angleterre Copenhagen can be the royal accommodation for your vacation. The building looks like a palace from outside, while the interior design is more than luxurious. You can clearly get the feeling for the monarchy. Be prepared though, your credit card will have a lot of work to do.

Phoenix Hotel of Copenhagen is another luxurious building, but with a more modern stress. It’s the reflection of contemporary VIP vacation.

Phoenix Hotel
Photo by Mark Vitullo

If you want a decent stay in a total European style Radisson Blu Royal Hotel is a good option. It keeps its share of luxury, but doesn’t exceed the limits.

The Radisson Blu Royal hotel has branches in a number of Danish cities. So if you are a devoted fan of this hotel, you will most probably stay with your favorite choice all over Denmark.

Finally, if you are not after standards and traditions, you can try to experiment with the hotels in amusement parks. For example, Legoland hotel has made its hotel into a themed fairy-tale.

Every single detail in the rooms is planned accordingly, so that you won’t feel yourself devoid of royalty in a princess room.


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