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Denmark Flights

Denmark flights
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Denmark is one of the unique countries where every city has its interest and peculiarities. This is why some tourists travel to Denmark to see only specific cities.

Despite this, Copenhagen is worth visiting in any case, even if you have been there a dozen times, it will still have something for you.

The majority of smaller Danish cities have their airports, which have the tendency of being located not too far from city centers. These airports offer flights with cheap airfare to many destinations in Europe.

However, the main connections are with Scandinavian cities, Iceland and Great Britain. More connections are available at Copenhagen airport, which is the so-called Danish gate to the rest of the world.


Denmark airplane
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There are 18 airports in Denmark. The major ones are located in Copenhagen, Karup, Billund, Aalborg, and Bornholm.

The airport with the most international connections is, of course, Copenhagen Airport, which is operated by 84 airlines. Overall, there are 164 destinations available. More than 5000 international and 350 domestic flights depart from this airport weekly.

Billlund Airport includes 26 airlines and 53 destinations. The airport has a record of around 850 international and 50 domestic flights.

Aalborg is another big airport, although not so big as the one in Copenhagen. There are 18 airlines organizing around 190 domestic and 150 international flights. The airport has connections with 13 cities in Denmark, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe.

Karup Airport operates only domestic flights. If you want to get here, you will have to fly to Copenhagen first, and then get another ticket. The number of domestic flights is 21.

Flights in Denmark
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Bornholm is not a very big airport, in fact, it’s rather small with connections only to 2 cities. There are 2 airlines, around 50 domestic and 7 international flights.

The mentioned destinations are non-stop. You can get to Denmark from any part of the world via a transit flight, which will have a stop in some other country before arriving in Denmark.

If you are trying to reach the main Jutland peninsular of Denmark, there are flights available to cities such as Esbjerg, Billund and Aarhus.

All airports in Denmark have car rental companies, some of which usually work 24 hours a day. This means that even if you arrive in Denmark in the middle of the night, you will still have a vehicle to get to your accommodation.

Danish airports also have ATM machines, but you have the responsibility of checking if your card will work in this country. You might have some serious financial problems if you stick the wrong card into a wrong ATM machine.

If this is your first visit to Denmark, you will definitely need some information about the transport, city site, maps and so on. The right place to approach is the information desk, which will provide you with the most important information about getting around in the country.

You get maps and booklets here, that not only enumerate the key destinations for tourists, but also cover their history and description.

Fly Flight
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Here is the list of airlines operating in Danish airports:

  • Air Alsie
  • Cimber Sterling
  • Sun air of Scandinavia
  • Jettime
  • Star Air
  • Danish Air Transport
  • Transavia Denmark ApS
  • Bel Air Aviation
  • Copenhagen Air Taxi
  • Falck DRF Luftambulanse A/S
  • Flexflight
  • Newcopter
  • Starling Air
  • Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia
  • Det Danske Luftartselskab
  • Air Greenland
  • North Flying
  • Scandinavian Airlines

Quick Facts

  • Airports in Denmark – 18 in number, Copenhagen, Karup, Billund, Aalborg, Bornholm
  • Copenhagen – 84 airlines, 164 destinations, around 5000 international and 350 domestic flights
  • Karup – domestic flights only, 21 in number (weekly)
  • Billund – 26 airlines, 53 destinations, around 850 international and 50 domestic flights
  • Aalborg – 18 airlines, 13 destinations, around 190 domestic and 150 international flights
  • Bornholm – 2 airlines, 2 destinations, around 50 domestic and 7 international flights
  • Airlines in Denmark – Air Alsie, Cimber Sterling, Sun air of Scandinavia, Jettime, Star Air, Danish Air Transport, Transavia Denmark ApS, Bel Air Aviation, Copenhagen Air Taxi, Falck DRF Luftambulanse A/S, Flexflight, Newcopter, Starling Air, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, Det Danske Luftartselskab, Air Greenland, North Flying, Scandinavian Airlines, UNI-FLY

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