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Denmark Car Rental

Denmark Car Rental
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If you plan to visit a foreign country and get acquainted with every part of it, renting a car would be a bad solution. Big urban cities like Copenhagen offer a variety of transportation ways.

Driving a car might even draw you back from your schedule because of traffic. Other cities, which are smaller and less developed can be explored by foot in a few hours.

Anyway, there are many places of interest that are located outside of cities, and renting a car will be a cheaper and better option than taking a taxi. Besides, due to the small size of the country, it becomes fully accessible once you rent a car. The majority of key travel destinations are within 2 or maximum 3 hours away from Copenhagen.

If you are not an adventure-seeker and have your vacation plan point by point you can already rent your car online. This will reduce the last minute panic and headache. All you need to do is go to the website of your preferred car hire company and fill out the reservation form.

This way when you arrive at the airport, tired from the trip, the keys of your car will find you themselves, regardless of the hour of your arrival.

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Car hire services in Denmark are located in the most convenient places for you, airports, train stations, and so on. In the so-called arrival spots the competition of companies is almost unbelievable.

Branches are located one after another. For this reason you will most definitely make a better decision if you do a little research about the deals each company offers before your trip.

This way you will know exactly which door to open. So if you have decided to rent a car for your visit at the last minute, you can still do it once you get out of the airplane or train.

Note that reserving a car online will most likely be cheaper than renting one at the airport. Also, some companies offer special deals like weekend discounts. If you have used the service of the company before, you might be provided with a special discount. Before reserving a car online, compare the prices with other companies. You may find the same car in another company in a cheaper package.

No matter how tired you are, always check the condition of the car before signing the contract. If there is a scratch you hadn’t noticed, you might be required to pay for it when returning the car. Danes are usually very honest with their customers, but additional safety will do no harm.

Car rental
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Meanwhile, ask about other fees rather than the main price. If you are not familiar with Denmark, make sure you have a GPS in your car. If you are traveling with children, you can ask for an infant seat as well.

Never be late for your appointment. After your booking hour, any lucky person can rent the car that was meant for you. If your being late is not your fault, call the car hire company beforehand.

Find out if the car can be returned to a point different from the pick-up one.

Depending on the car rental country, you can drive your car to another country. For example, you can travel to Sweden in a day and come back to Denmark to return the car.

However, special agreements have to be made. Some companies have rules for such cases, namely you can drive only within the borders of Scandinavia, or only specific cars can be driven out of Denmark. Other companies might even ask for an additional fee. In any case, always check with them if you want to leave Denmark even for an hour.

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Some of the major car rental companies in Denmark are Dansk Auto Rent, Hertz, Avis and Europcar. They have their branches in airports and train stations, as well as in major and minor cities all over Denmark.

Traveling to Denmark you may arrive on a budget flight into one of Denmark’s major cities such as Aarhus, Copenhagen or Esbjerg and rent a car to get around.

Car Hire Denmark can be as cheap as €74.00 per week and this rate covers insurance, breakdown assistance and an unlimited mileage offer, which means you can get the most out of your car hire.

Finally, before thinking about renting a car in Denmark, make sure you have an international driving license, and are somehow familiar with Danish traffic rules. The last thing you’d want is a ticket during your vacation.


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