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Legoland Billund
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Legoland is one of the biggest adventures your children and you can have in Denmark. It’s like a whole new country with its mini-museums, hotels, restaurants and LEGO-statues.

The idea of producing LEGO bricks first came to an ordinary carpenter from Jutland named Ole Kirk Christiansen. Although his invention was original and promising, the popularity it gained over the time was probably unimaginable for Christiansen.

As LEGO went winning the hearts of creative and curious children, an amusement park specifically devoted to LEGO was opened in Billund, Denmark in 1968.

The park is located not too far from Billund airport, that’s why you can have a pick on the park from above as your plane makes circles preparing to land.

Legoland - Miniland
Photo by elfidomx

It all began with world-known landmarks built with thousands of LEGO bricks. It then started to expand and reached the point, where it developed eight big theme areas: Miniland, LEGOREDO Town, Imagination Zone, Adventure Land, KNIGHTS’ KINGDOM, DUPLO Land, Pirate Land, and, the newly opened, Polar Land.

Although the original park was opened in Billund, now there are Legoland parks in England, the USA (Florida and California), Legoland Malaysia and Germany as well.


After parking your car in one of Legoland’s parking spaces, purchase the parking ticket at the ticket boxes, ticket machines, information desk, and the some of the shops. Make sure you keep the ticket all day, because you have to show it when leaving Legoland at the exit gate.


Legoland - Tickets
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Tickets for LEGOLAND can be purchased either online or at the entrance. If you get the tickets at the entrance, you will be charged 279 DKK (37 Euros) for children of ages 3-12 and seniors over 64, and 299 DKK (40 Euros) for adults from 13 to 64 years old.

The price is just a little cheaper if you order the tickets online at least 2 days prior to the date of visit. In that case you will pay 251 DKK (34 Euros) for children 3-12 ages and seniors over 65 years. The online ticket for adults will be 269 DKK (36 Euros).

Once you buy the ticket, you can enjoy the majority of attractions and activities free of charge, with the exception of attraction photos and Toyota Traffic School.


Legoland shops
Photo by sean dreilinger

Apart from the variety of rides, there is a big number of shops in Legoland. They not only offer incredible souvenirs, but also items you can use daily, like T-shirts, cups and so on.

  • LEGO Shop
  • LEGO Kids Wear
  • Legoland Collection
  • Front Gate Shop
  • Castle Shop
  • General Store
  • Name on it
  • Legoland Outlet
  • Pirate Beach Shop
  • Polar Shop

What concerns candy and sweets, there are two shops completely packed with delicious treats. They are the Candy Corner and Sweets Kingdom. You can also fit into your favorite theme and visit the Face Paint shop, where you can get colorful and fun face tattoos (they are just temporary paints, of course).

Eating Places

Legoland - Knights' Table
Photo by Rajiv Patel (Rajiv’s View)

You will definitely get super-hungry after the exciting day. Although the food is quite expensive in Legoland, the restaurants are very adorable with thematic exterior and interior design.

If there’s no time for a long meal, visit Burger house to grab a bite. If you love Italian cuisine, look for the Italian Pizza and Pasta restaurant near the entrance and Miniland.

Go for a variety and try a few different dishes together at Family Buffet. You definitely won’t step out hungry from there. Enjoy castle-style meals for true princesses and knights at Knights’ Table.

Grill House is a cowboy style restaurant with fun and family atmosphere. Saloon, another cowboy restaurant with a good number of open-air tables. And finally, Polar Pizza & Pasta, is one of the places in the park where you can both enjoy your meal and watch the penguins.

Toyota Traffic School

Legoland - Toyota Traffic School
Photo by julochka

It’s no secret that children can’t wait to grow up and drive their own cars. Well, before they reach the driving age, they can challenge themselves at Toyota Traffic School.

Keep in mind that there is a separate ticket for this activity. In fact, it’s quite popular among the visitors, which is why you should reserve a place as soon as you get into the park.

After the driving course, children will get their first driving license as a souvenir. It will have their photo and their name on, almost in the same way as in real life.


Legoland, Billund - Miniland
Photo by Phil LaCombe

You can climb the Eiffel Tower and see the whole Paris from above, but has it never been interesting to you what Eiffel Tower itself looks like from above? If you are interested, then look for your favorite landmark in the mini-cities of Miniland.

As the name suggests Miniland is a country of small buildings, small streets, and even small cars. It was the first exhibit in Legoland when it first opened and still continues to be the centerpiece of the park.

This theme features the world around us, including such cities as Copenhagen, New York, and Florida, all in miniature size. The busy life of those cities can be seen even here. The cars, built of LEGO bricks, move through the streets, ships sail, and even airplanes are alive.

In original cities we can only admire the architecture of many buildings from one side at a time, while here you can see the whole city in the mixture of its colors and styles.

Legoland, Miniland 2
Phoot by Thom Watson

An even more exciting surprise awaits visitors after the dark, when the lights are turned on in the Mini-city.

Not only every single apartment in the buildings is illuminated, but the streets, cars and trains as well. The city turns into a realistic city nightlife and a sea of small sparkly lights.

And the only material for bringing this fascinating world into existence is no less than 20 million LEGO bricks.

Fans of Star Wars can get especially excited as there is a new Star Wars area in Miniland. In general, Miniland includes:

– The Frog Hopper, a nice and fun attraction for children.

Legoland - Miniland 3
Photo by Phil LaCombe

– The Monorail, a smooth moving train 4 meters up in the air. The train takes its passengers on a tour through Legoland. Parents are also allowed on board. This can be a good chance to view what the park has to offer and plan accordingly.

– Mini Boats, a nice sail in a lake on a LEGO boat. Parents can accompany their little sailors.

– The LEGO Train.

– Legotop, a tower 36 meters high in the air, where both children and their parents can appreciate the entire Miniland. Due to the scale, the 36 meters height above Miniland is equal to 720 meters, which can be achieved by flying an airplane. So the view will be very similar to watching down to full-scale cities from an airplane-window.


Legoland - Rushmore
Photo by Matthew Field

The next theme in Legoland is LEGOREDO Town full of everything Western; gold mines, guns, cowboys, and whatever else comes to your mind and fits into the theme. The attractions in LEGOREDO Town are the following:

– The Canoe ride is ideal for those who love water. It’s a short voyage on the river, at the end of which a surprise awaits you . . . a fantastic waterfall. Be prepared to get wet but don’t forget to smile at the same time. You can get your photo after the ride.

– The LEGOLDMINE, it’s time to explore the goodies that the Earth hides from us. The train will take you into the darkness of the mine to find little shining spots, GOLD! You’re not the only one who was summoned by the smell of gold, LEGO miners are working there day and night, sparing no effort.

This ride is also one of the best means of getting to the most fantastic creations in Legoland, the Mount Rushmore. The huge sculpture is made entirely out of LEGO bricks (1.5 million LEGO and 40.000 DUPLO brick in total) and is, naturally, the largest in the park.

– The Western ride, one of the most traditional attractions.

– The Timber ride, a bumpy ride on tree logs.

Imagination Zone

Legoland- Music Fountain
Photo by elfidomx

The next thematic part is the Imagination Zone. If you ever dreamed of stepping into an Atlantis movie and finding the lost city, this zone is ready to dare your imagination even further.

– LEGO Studios is a must-try for every visitor. This 4D cinema is the largest in its size in Scandinavia and offers a sensation of more than just sound and visual effects. The union of 200 projectors, smoke and other 4D machines will touch all your senses. You will feel everything that happens in the movie, i.e. rain, wind, snow, even the bad smell in the room.

– Atlantis by Sea Life, you will go on a long journey into the depth of sea to find the lost city of Atlantis. There are many wrecked ships and submarines lying on your way to the final destination. Treasures, lots of treasures. The vast water area is filled with tropical fauna and flora.

Legoland - Atlantis
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The Japanese giant crabs with claw-span as long as 2 meters are particularly worth mentioning. But even in Legoland, a big playground for children, such courageous deeds don’t come easy. You will have to face the sharks, which are the infinite guards of the city.

This sounds like a breathtaking and dangerous adventure, but Legoland has made it safe, of course. The legendary journey starts on a submarine and a documentary movie about Atlantis. Only then you can start viewing the sharks, sea horses, and tropical fish right above your head, on the other side of a thick glass ceiling.

– Music Fountain, if water splashes are not enough for you, you can start producing music out of them. The fountain is adorned with LEGO sculptures of some musical instruments. There are also activation points all around the fountain. Step at one of them, and the corresponding instrument will start playing. If you are there with friends, you can work together and create a symphony.

Adventure Land

Legoland - The Temple
Photo by ς↑r ĴΛϒκ❂

If you are an explorer at heart and are not afraid of dark forces, then hurry to the Adventure Land. There are not only furious attractions waiting for you, but also triggers to be pulled.

– The Temple. The Egyptian structure, inside which mummies are craving for visitors. Be careful while you study the beautiful statues of pharaohs outside the attraction, bot natural and mysterious disasters might face you on your way to victory, earthquakes, mummies, and everything else your soul dreads most.

This attraction is meant not only for curious and courageous children, but also their parents. The whole family can take the ride in the jeep, armed with powerful guns and joysticks.

Open-air Excavation. Outside the building, there is an open-air excavation area, where you can feel yourself an archeologist.

Adventure Path. Dare your luck on the Adventure Path. You will have to use all the flexibility your body possesses. Your senses have to be fully turned on, it’s a maze, and it’s a jungle maze, no one wants to be lost here.

Legoland - Falck Fire Brigade
Photo by NunoCardoso

Jungle Racers. If you are more a sailor than an archeologist at heart, head to the Jungle Racers. Explore the water on a water scooter, but be aware that attraction is so cool that passers-by will want to ruin the fun and blow up water bombs. Try to avoid them, or enjoy the splash if you fail. Parents can join too.

Falck Fire Brigade, not a sailor? If not water, then maybe fire? Join the Falck Fire Brigade and save the house from flames. However, there’s a double competition here. You have to not only win over the fire, but the competing family as well. The fastest and most efficient firefighting family will be the winner.

Knights Kingdom

Legoland - Knights' Kingdom
Photo by cjdc

There were times when all little girls were princesses and all brave boys were knights. Although times have changed just a little bit, you can still find a piece of that fairytale in Legoland.

There is everything needed for a true kingdom, a castle, a dragon, and of course lots of Vikings. They have all kinds of weapons and are only looking for the chance to test them on you.

Viking River Splash, a journey on a river, where you will meet some dangerous and mystical creatures.

– The Dragon is the other attraction in this theme park. It’s not too bumpy, not too speedy, and not too scary.

Duplo Land

A girl looks at a large bust of Albert Einstein created out of lego bricks at Legoland Florida during its grand opening celebration
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Duplo bricks can build whatever you want, the most impossible dreams and preferred careers as well.

– Duplo Houses form the colorful city, where you can play with your friends or meet new ones. A fireman, a policeman, a farmer, every job is free and tempting. You can take up whatever title you want.

Duplo Train is a nice and cute ride throughout Duplo Land. It’s not crazy or extreme. This activity is mainly for those children, who want to have a little rest from the world-conquering missions.

Legondol is the window for an explorer on Duplo Land. Again, don’t forget a camera, there might be shots-not-to-miss.

Duplo Airplanes. If you don’t care about water or fire, then your element is air and your dream job is a pilot. Get into the small DUPLO airplanes, parents can get comfortable too, and set off to the sky.

Pirate Land

Legoland - Pirate Land
Photo by r3v || cls

Ay Captain! you’re in Pirate Land, a place where no one is to be trusted and swords never to rest.

– Pirate Games. Let’s start from Pirate games, where you must display your military talent to win the prize or . . . try again until you succeed. If you have never tried this kind of games, choose the easiest level. And the opposite, if you are a professional, go with the most difficult level and show your talents to everyone. You will have to pay for Pirate Games separately.

– Pirate Boats. They will take you to the secret cave of Captain Roger. The journey is not an easy one. There are a lot of hungry sharks, crocodiles, and shipwrecked pirates, who are eager to fight you and take over your boat. An incredible LEGO treasure awaits the lucky ones in the cave. However, always remember to be careful, dead men tell no tales.

– Pirate Carrousel. If you like the speed, turn that handle and hold on. You can manage this carrousel yourself, so think wisely before daring your luck.

– LEGO Splash Battle, it’s time to fire some canons. Aim at the ships that attack you and disturb your peaceful journey.

Legoland - Pirate Land 2
Photo by r3v || cls

– Pirate Water Falls. Don’t forget to grab your swimsuit when leaving the house. Pirate Water Falls is a great way to refresh yourself after the rides.

If you want to enjoy the waterfalls, check the weather forecast when planning your trip. Low temperature (below 15°C) might be a good-enough-reason for the administration to close the Water Falls.

There might be long queues for this activity, as the number of guests is limited. There are special rooms for showers and changing. If this activity is too strong for your children, try out the Mini Pirate Water Falls, which is the same attraction but for smaller children.

– The Lighthouse. Every sailor needs a lighthouse to direct his journey. It provides a majestic view of the Pirate Land. Only you will have to sweat a little to get there. You will have to pull the rope and hoist yourself up.

Although the Lighthouse Keeper will help, this might be a little uncomfortable for children who are not very physical. Coming down might be even more adventurous. If the queue is too long for you, test your fighting art with pirates nearby while you wait.

Polar Land

Logoland - Polar land
Photo by forty42two

Polar Land is a brand new theme park in Legoland. It was opened to visitors in 2012 and momentarily transfers you to the snowy white poles of the Earth.

– Polar X-plorer is the biggest attraction in Legoland, it is also the most surprising one. The ride starts at Peanguin Bay, where you can see real penguins in their daily lifestyle, but don’t get too carried away, the ride is quite thrilling. You finally land on crystal ice. And then . . .boom . . . a 5-meter free fall down to the unknown darkness.

The ride ends with LEGO polar bears that look extremely realistic, you can even see frozen breath coming out of their mouths. In general, this attraction is everything about frozen nature like the 16-meter tall iceberg, frozen waterfalls and so on.

– Penguin Bay, Penguins are the permanent residents of Polar Land. And plus, they are very cute to watch. There are a few areas from where you can enjoy the natural penguin behavior. One of them is the Polar Pizza & Pasta restaurant. Combine your ‘polar’ food and the polar view, and you get a real polar lunch. Another way to watch them is through the special spectator area, and finally, the third way is the Polar X-plorer.

– Ice Pilots School. This is another on-board experience for future pilots. This time the conditions are a little tough. You can choose the directions and twists of your plane yourself on a touchscreen.

Hotel Legoland

Legoland - Hotel Legoland
Photo by Dave Catchpole

Legoland is whole new world of adventure and games. After such a thrilling experience, no child would want to go back. The vacation can be even more exciting if you spend the night at 4-star Hotel Legoland, where 199 room interiors are thematic as well.

Some little girls have dreamed about having a princess bedroom, this is a way to make that dream come true.

Moreover, boys can feel themselves a real pirate after a good pirate fight in Legoland and a good night’s sleep in a pirate bedroom.


  • There might some attractions and activities that will charge you apart of the entrance fee. It’s no harm to ask about the price before stepping onto an attraction.
  • Almost every attraction will offer your photo after the ride. Remember that all photos cost an additional fee.
  • You can bring along your pet on the leash, but it is not allowed on the rides and in restaurants. The only exception is the assistant dogs.
  • Clean-up bags are available at the entrance.
  • Food is particularly expensive, you might want to bring your own lunch.
  • Prices for photos, food, and some particular attraction may change, and you can only find about it if you ask. So don’t feel shy and ask for information before you go on the ride. Just in case.
  • A few rides might seem innocent but some children might need accompaniment of the parent. Besides the age limit set by Legoland, the character of your child might matter as well.
  • Don’t forget to take your swimsuit with you. First, there are many water activities in the park. Second, even if you don’t go on any of them, you might get some of the splashes when walking around.

Quick Facts

  • Founder – Ole Kirk Christiansen
  • Date of opening — 1968
  • Location – Billund
  • Shops –  LEGO Shop, LEGO Kids Wear, Legoland Collection, Front Gate Shop, Castle Shop, General Store, Name on it, Legoland Outlet, Pirate Beach Shop, Polar Shop
  • Eating Places – Burger house, Italian Pizza & Pasta, Family Buffet, Knights’ Table, Grill House, Saloon, Polar Pizza & Pasta
  • Theme parks – Miniland, LEGOREDO Town, Imagination Zone, Adventure Land, KNIGHTS’ KINGDOM, DUPLO Land, Pirate Land, and, the newly opened, Polar Land
  • Miniland – Frog Hopper, Monorail, Mini Boats, LEGO Train, Legotop
  • LEGOREDO Town– Canoe ride, LEGOLDMINE, Western ride, Timber ride
  • Imagination Zone – LEGO Studios, Atlantis by Sea Life, Music Fountain
  • Adventure Land – The Temple, Open-air Excavation, Adventure Path, Jungle Racers, Falck Fire Brigade
  • KNIGHTS’ KINGDOM – Viking River Splash, the Dragon
  • DUPLO Land – DUPLO Houses, DUPLO Train, Legondol, DUPLO Airplanes
  • Pirate Land –  Pirate Games, Pirate Boats, Pirate Carrousel, LEGO Splash Battle, Pirate Water Falls, the Lighthouse
  • Polar Land – Polar X-plorer, Penguin Bay, Ice Pilots School
  • Other Legoland park locations – England, the USA (Florida and California), Malasya, Germany

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