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Photo by Rune Mariboe

Denmark possesses one of the best collections of amusement parks all over its territory. It seems that the most favorite activities of Danes is riding crazy attractions and enjoying the interesting atmosphere of theme parks.

So another one of the Danish set of amusement parks is Dyrehavsbakken. The park is located in Klampenborg, and needs at least half a day for full exploration. If the word is to difficult for you to pronounce, you can use its short name, Bakken.

It is unique not only because of its creation story, rides or anything else, but the fact that it’s the oldest intact amusement park in the whole world.

This is how it all began. The park was opened in 1583, almost five centuries ago. The starting point of the park was a simple fresh water spring, which was discovered by a woman called Kirsten Pill.

The natural spring was a huge discovery at those times, because Denmark was suffering from a shortage of fresh water.

This is why it started to draw Danes from all over the country. As the growth of any other business, many opportunities for earning money arose soon, the number of visitors demanded an eating place, then entertainment, and finally over the time it became the amusement park as we know it today.

Dyrehavsbakken park
Photo by windyjonas

Bakken is slowly growing into a unique business center, with around 160 types of businesses working in and around it. Considering the popularity of the site and the number of visitors, Bakken has a lot more space to expand into.

The park usually has around 3 million visitors annually. They come to Bakken not only for the rides or the entertainment, but for the nature as well. Danish countryside is always beautiful, but this site, surrounded with green woods, is especially astonishing.

Remember that Danish kings themselves spent their leisure in these words. Sometimes it seems that everything in this country has a royal touch, a reminder about the unique royal style of the country.

Working Season

Just like any other amusement park in Denmark, Dyrehavsbakken is open from March to August. Unfortunately, it is closed in Christmas season, and this is probably for the benefit of visitors. The weather in winter can get really cold here.


Dyrehavsbakken, Denmark
Photo by bjarnit

Despite the limited working season, the good news is that the entrance to this park is free.

In fact, there is a very small number of amusement parks in Denmark that are admission-free. So enjoy this great opportunity while you’re in the Danish Kingdom.

Although you don’t need a ticket to enter the park, be prepared to spend quite a lot once you’re inside the par.

Restaurants, bars, performances, rides, all of these require a wallet-content.

The Royal Deer Park

Considering the trend of designing parks in Denmark, it can be undoubtedly insisted that Danish kings love deer. Of Course, it’s no secret that any king in the history of this world had special hobbies, the most important one of which was hunting. Danish kings, in particular, loved to hunt on deer.

This is why a special deer park was designed next to Bakken in 1669. Although the park doesn’t work in November, you can still visit the site to take part in Hubertus hunt. The number of deer and buck are around 2000. Some of them are the direct descendants of the royal order in the 17th century.

The Rides

Bakken rides
Photo by Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen

As a truly historic amusement park, Bakken is not full of crazy rides that will make your mind blow. Instead, it features only 5 main roller coasters, each of which has its own history.

The first one is the Rutschebanen or simply the Roller Coaster in Danish. It was opened in 1932 and is still in its wooden form. Despite this, you shouldn’t worry about the safety. Wood can still hold the curious visitors of the attraction.

The second roller coaster is called Mine Train Ulven or Wolf’s Mine Train in Danish.

Another Dyrehavsbakken roller coaster is called the Tornado. The name already suggests the working style of this attraction.

There is one more ride in this park, a wild mouse-style roller coaster called Race. It’s very similar to the Tornado, but the latter includes spinning cars. The former performs open-air spinning.

Finally, Bakken also offers a family-style roller coaster, Mariehønen.

There are other flat rides for children of all ages, but the most technologically advanced and interesting ones are the 5 roller coasters mentioned above.

Other Activities

Photo by Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen

Although Bakken is considered to be an amusement park, it doesn’t focus on roller coaster as other similar parks do. Bakken’s essential aim is to let its visitors have fun in many ways. This is why there is a variety of restaurants, bars, lounges, and other activities.

There are different types of restaurants in Dyrehavsbakken, 40 in number. Each of them displays its own specific menu. Every visitor, regardless of its food tastes, will find the perfect kitchen here.

The menus of the majority of restaurants includes Danish traditional sandwiches, hot dogs, pancakes, and so on. Children will also find their favorite treats, including ice cream, cotton candy, and many other delicious candies.

After having a nice lunch at one of the restaurants, you should head to a bar or lounge. Music performances are usually organized here. People usually gather here to relax from walking around and enjoy a bottle of real Danish beer, Carlsberg.

If simple music performances are not enough for you, you can head to Circus Revue, where performances are circus-style. Your children will love the shiny world of circus, while you can enjoy this spirit of old times, when there were no computers or cell phones.

Bakken food
Photo by bjarnit

Besides these activities, there are also around 33 games and competitions organized all around the park. If you want to challenge yourself or your luck, go for the most difficult competitions.

Children will also find a worthy activity in Bakken. The white clown called Pjerrot holds three shows throughout the shows. If you spot him, don’t be shy to talk to him. He likes to mess around with all children in the park.

If you want even more, look for the Bakkens Hvile music hall. Once you open its doors, you enter the magnificent world of cabaret. As you can see, amusement parks are not only for children, at least that’s what apparently the 17th century Danes thought.

Availability for Public

Bakken balloons
Photo by Sarah_Ackerman

After the crucial spring was discovered, news spread about its healing powers, which tempted even bigger crowds from Europe.

However, it has many times been closed for public, because of the hunting deer park next door. When the kings decided to hunt, no one really could stand in their way for a cup of spring water.

Last time the park was opened for vast majorities in 1756. Although the deer park still exists next door and hunts are organized here every year, Bakken continues to be the second most visited Danish amusement park after Tivoli Gardens.

After all, where else can you come across a 400-year old ride.

Quick Facts

  • Location – Klampenborg, Denmark
  • Creator – Kirsten Pill, 1583
  • Status — the oldest intact amusement park in the world
  • Short name – Bakken (The Hill)
  • The number of visitors annually – around 3 million
  • Working Season – from March to August
  • Admission – free of charge (money needed for the activities inside)
  • The Royal Deer Park – created in 1669 for royal hunts, ordered by Frederick III
  • Park opened for public – 1756
  • Main rides – 5 in number, Mariehønen, Mine Train Ulven, Racing, Rutschebanen, Tornado
  • Eating places – 40 restaurants, bars, lounges, etc.
  • Events – Hubertus hunt, music performances, circus, cabaret shows, 33 games and competitions

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