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Bon Bon Land

Bon Bon Land
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One of the best amusement parks in the world, Bon Bon Land, is situated in Denmark, more specifically on the island of Zealand and only 45 minutes away from the capital of the country, Copenhagen.

It all began in 1992, when a candy manufacturing company called “Bon Bon” started to accept visitors and guests, moreover, organized tours for them. At that time the only attractions were the factory, a couple of candy shops, a cinema, and so on. As you can see, there’s no hint about the crazy roller-coasters of today’s Bon Bon Land. By the way, the contemporary Bon Bon park still operates the cinema.

It comes the fourth on the list of largest Danish amusement parks. Despite this, it offers a wide range of activities, in fact, more than 60. The park is divided into several sections each of them possessing a separate theme and peculiarities. Special events are organized here every month, this is why you should check out their calendar not to miss a great event.

Everything you find in Bon Bon Land is candy inspired. Almost all roller-coaster names and activities have their origins rooted in Bon Bon candy producing brand.

Dog Droppings Attraction
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Besides the roller-coasters, the “Fantasy World” indoors playground can be an awesome experience for your kids too. The playground is right next to the park and offers Fantasy express, sea lions show, circus and so on. In addition to that, every kid gets a free souvenir, a Fantasy World cap. The price for the ticket varies depending on the season of your visit.

It is surely not the most thrilling collection of mind blowing machines, but it’s out of ordinary and worth a visit for the sake of its uniqueness. The problem is to decide when, how and, most importantly, with whom. Remember that the choice of your husband, boyfriend or kids can drastically change the agenda for that day.

After you pay the entrance fee, all attractions inside the park are free of charge and you can enjoy them as much as you want (or as long as your feet can stand straight). But this doesn’t mean the ticket is cheap. Even with free access to the attractions, you will have to stand in a queue for more than an hour for every roller-coaster. However, if you’re a fan of amusement parks, then you shouldn’t be surprised at that fact, as all popular amusement parks have extra-long queue lines.

How to get there

The most convenient way of getting to this amusement park is by car. The direction can be acquired from the official Bon Bon website.

People Say It’s Weird

Bon Bon Land
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Many say it’s a weird place to have fun. Why? There are some disturbing reasons for it. For example, you can see vomiting cartoon animals (don’t panic, they’re only sculptures) all around Bon Bon. Next, don’t be surprised to hear the names of the roller-coasters, which are, mildly put, not so traditional.

Some instances are the Horse Dropping and, of course, the Dog Fart Roller-coaster, which rolls into a journey full of dog poo and fart sound effects. Moreover, some roller-coasters might be 18+. They mostly feature animals showing too much of their “treasure.”

The park is a better place for grown-ups to have fun, rather than children having the best childhood experience. If you decide to take kids with you, be careful what they do and where they go. In general, the park offers cute and light attractions for children and crazy rides for adults at the same time.

Opening Hours

Bon Bon Land opens in April, but works only on Sundays. It regains long working days in June and July. The park is open from 10 am to 5 pm in June and from 10 am to 7 pm (sometimes as late as 8 pm) in July. The park goes back to the Sunday-mode in September.



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If you like the adrenaline and your body going up and down, this attraction is just for you. It lifts the wagon up the tree, the top of which is the residence of crows, which are for some reason blue. Then suddenly both wagons are dropped down with enormous speed. Quite the surprise.


Dillen is all about crocodiles and swinging, as close as these two can come together.  It takes you up and starts swinging, shaking and dancing. It’s good that owners don’t get carried away by the idea, and crocodiles are only toy-like sculptures.


If you are more of a water-person than an air-person, try Vandrotten. It’s a waterfall slide you can take with a family. Don’t be afraid to get wet when on this attraction, splashes will be everywhere.

Svend Svingarm

Svend Svingarm
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Ever wondered what it is like to fly like a bird? Svend Svingarm will fly you in a way birds themselves will be jealous. People sit in a big circle with their back to the attraction and face to the vast territory of Bon Bon Land.

Then it takes you 44 meters up in the air, and then the fun starts. It starts literally swinging you right and left . . . right and left, or forward and backward (depending on where you sit). This is one of those attractions that is fed by your screams and fear, so don’t resist and let your voice roar in the park. Everyone knows it’s because you’re having a wicked good time. However, you have to be 140 cm (4.5 feet) tall to be allowed to that attraction.

The Svingarm roller-coaster is probably the best stimulator of adrenaline in Bon Bon Land. If you are a devoted extreme-fan, don’t miss Svend while there.

Seagull Blob

Seagull Blob - Bon Bon Land
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If you are already in love with the amusement park, try to capture its beauty from above as well. The Seagull Blob attraction slowly takes you around the park so that you can enjoy the landscape and the natural beauty. When going on this attraction pay attention to the sky and the horizon. Choose a moment when it looks stunning not only on the ground but also up in the clouds.


A crazy and speedy roller-coaster that looks forward to shake and swing you. It’s very similar to Vildsvinet, another crazy Bon Bon attraction.


Skilpadden - Bon Bon Land
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Who said turtles are slow? If you saw this gigantic turtle on top of the attraction you would never think so. Skildpadden is a nice and smooth ride (smooth doesn’t mean it’s not swinging, it’s just not likely to throw you dozens of kilometers away) that everyone will enjoy regardless of the age or gender.

It’s probably the most traditional attraction that will never go out of date as long as amusement parks exist.

Pay attention, the majority of speedy attractions are open to visitors above 18. The list is not over yet, there are more attractions waiting to take their visitors on a ride, some of them are Ormen, Rejin, Sprutten, and so on.

Pets and Picnics

Dogs are allowed in the park only on two conditions. First, they must be kept on a leash. Second, which is the most ironic part of the story,  despite the big number of pooping and vomiting attractions, real dogs are not allowed to poop anywhere in the park. If the “disaster” already happened, the droppings must be thrown into trash.

If you are a picnic-fan, don’t forget to take along a basket of food (or a bag if you don’t like the old and cute traditions) and a blanket. There are many green areas inside the park, where you can have your own picnic party, especially if you are with family.


Jungle Restaurant - Bon Bon Land
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After a long and jumpy day on roller-coasters, you will need to refresh yourself with delicious food. Those who don’t want to waste time on eating and hurry to try every single attraction in the park can visit the fast food restaurants.

Jungle restaurant

The restaurant offers a delicious buffet that costs 199 DKK (28 Euro) per person. If your kids are under  90 cm (2.9 feet), consider them lucky, as after you pay for yourself, they can enjoy the buffet absolutely free of charge.

If you want to have lunch particularly at this restaurant, check its working dates beforehand. It might be closed in May and September.

The Blue Duck and the Cowboy Grill

The Blue Duck - Bon Bon Land
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These two restaurants offer traditional fast food, and have a kid’s menu too. They are comparably cheap, but who wants to eat fast food on a sunny day in an amusement park?

Anna’s Mocha

If you are up to a tempting desert and a cup of much-expected coffee, it’s time to visit Anna’s Mocha. Both milk and coffee are completely organic here.

The variety of desert, including cakes and cookies, will require a long time for a choice.

Watch Out

No high expectations

Bon Bon Land
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Number one reason why visitors might get disappointed is because they have extremely high expectations. Bon Bon Land is a fun place with weird but original sense of humor. In any case, it’s a cute park for kids with the majority of attractions meant for kids.

This is why if you are above 18 and plan to visit this amusement park, don’t expect mind-blowing futuristic technologies or anything like Disneyland.

Those who enjoy the park most are usually between 8 and 10 years old.

Plan the date wisely

Bon Bon Land Denmark
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As already mentioned, the only period when the park works fully and is open for a long time period daily is June and July. This is the peak of its popularity for that year, which is why all restaurants are open and all attractions are put into work.

If you happen to visit the park in April or September, when the active amusement life slows down, you should expect that not all rides might be available.

The same concerns the restaurants. There might be only one or two eating places open that day. To avoid such situations, either visit the park in summer or call beforehand.

18+  scenes

bon bon land - denmark
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Although there are many attractions that every kid in the world would enjoy, the sculptures and paintings around the territory can be a reason for parents to be disturbed. Not only all body parts of the cartoon heroes are made in correspondence with mostly human anatomy, they show off some of those parts in public as well.

The point is that you should think carefully before taking your kids there. One thing is for sure, this is not the romantic Cinderella garden, it’s all covered with farts and droppings (in the most amusing meaning of the word).

Keep in mind, that the humor, although unique, can sometimes be unacceptable. If you’re not super-nervous about your kid playing around sexy statues, you’re all ready to go. Dogs and balconies are particularly the main scenes either to avoid or stop and take a close look at (if you’re with kids).

Spare Your Money

Bon Bon Land amusement park
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The park doesn’t look like a mega-fun center, this is why many people assume that they won’t spend a lot of money. Don’t make the same mistake, and if you want to try everything, be sure you’re wallet is thick enough.

Although you pay for the entrance once and enjoy the attractions free of charge, restaurants, for example, can cost you quite a lot. This is why a lot of people prefer to bring their own lunch and do a picnic.

Although Bon Bon Land is not the best amusement park in the world, it is surely in the list of the weirdest places in the world. If you ever happen to be near it, a visit is worth both the time and the money.

Quick Facts

  • Bon Bon Land – established in 1992 by Bon Bon candy manufacturer
  • Attractions – Kragetræerne, Svend Svingarm, Seagull Blob, Dillen, Vandrotten, Hankatten, Skildpadden, Ormen, Rejin, Sprutten, etc.
  • Working hours – 10 am to 7 pm (10 am – 8 pm)
  • Pets – allowed on a leash
  • Picnics – allowed
  • Working season – April- September
  • Peak season – June and July
  • Buildings nearby – Fantasy world indoor playground
  • Eating places – the Cowboy Grill, the Blue Duck, Anna’s Mocha, and Jungle restaurant
  • Warnings – no high expectations, choosing the date of the visit, 18+ art, spare your money

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