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Denmark Attractions

Denmark Attractions
Photo by juan tan kwon

One of the most important Denmark attractions are Danes themselves, their hospitality and humor. Danes live at the crossroads of the Scandinavian, European and Baltic cultures.

It has helped them to be open both in sense of borders, and for outside influences. A key to the Danish heart is the word “hyggie” that means a combination of warmth, good state of health and intimacy.

What concerns the Danish cities, each one of them bears a unique stress and style. For urban-style vacation, Copenhagen is the number one destination for all tourists.

The capital of Denmark is well-known for the numerous spikes, towers and bell-towers. Amalienborg (XVIII century) can be mentioned: four identical buildings are located against each other and in the center rises the graceful horse monument of Frederick V.

There is a well-known Marble cathedral nearby. Its dome in diameter of 30 m, is very similar to St. Peter’s Cathedral dome in Rome.

The most picturesque area of Copenhagen is Nyhavn (New Harbour). It’s the favorite place of artists, photographers, writers, journalists, and therefore tourists as well.

For more relaxes and history-oriented rest, small towns like Ribe and Roskilde are good options.

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Egeskov Castle
Photo by Larry Myhre

Aalborg offers the largest burial place of Vikings: a cathedral and a monastery. The city is full with buildings built in Renaissance architectural style.

Aarhus, Esbjerg and Fano are rich with historical sights and have a set of fine beaches.

Odense is well-known as the birthplace of famous storyteller Hans Christians Andersen, although his heritage is also well observed in Copenhagen, particularly in the form of the statue of the Little Mermaid, probably the most popular among Andersen’s stories.

Festivals devoted to Andersen are held annually in July-August. So if you are a particular fairy-tale fan, you already know which is the best time for your visit.

The Denmark attractions are innumerable each having its unique charm.

Going even further, Danish nature has many marbles hidden from noisy streets of urban cities. These marbles are often medieval castles. The most incredible one is the Egeskov Castle, which is built in the middle of a lake, using oak pilings as foundation.

The overwhelming majority of Danish castles are open for tourists, although some of them are residences or museums. Besides astonishing architecture, furnishing and decorations, they have secret passages and many legends.

Rosenborg Castle
Photo by felissy

You might come across a completely new secret passage while wandering around. Or if you feel a strange presence of another person, don’t panic as many castles have been thought to have a number of ghosts.

The next most popular types of Denmark attractions are the amusement parks. Danes obviously like the adrenaline, as they have a few amusement parks in different cities, each of them illustrating a different theme.

First, the oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli Gardens are situated in Denmark. They have been an inspiration for such figures as Walt Disney. After his visit to Denmark and Tivoli Gardens, Disney had the brilliant idea of opening an amusement park back in his home country.

If these gardens could inspire a project that big, they might give you some hints as well. It is especially worth visiting in wintertime, when Christmas is at full spring, knocking at every window and every door.

If you are a LEGO fan, Billund will offer the original Legoland, where everything, absolutely everything is made of LEGO bricks. You can see the world-famous Miniland, the world of tiny moving cars, mini-scale cities, and monuments consisting of thousands of colorful bricks.

Viking girl
Photo by Atelier Teee

Some amusement parks might seem a little strange at the beginning, but once you get into the flow, the weird forms and images seem like a humor to you. Remember that if you visit Denmark with kids, you might be asked a lot of awkward questions on your trip home from Bon Bon Land.

And finally what Denmark is truly rich in is undoubtedly the Viking culture. Boat building museums, excavations, markets, Viking-age recreations and a number of other activities are all meant to educate foreign visitors about the Danish historical and cultural heritage.

Unlike aggressive Vikings, Danes are always polite and smiling. But they are still proud of their history and like to present it wherever and whenever they can.

Denmark is a country where you will see both modern cities and a cozy province, majestic medieval castles and ancient rural churches, parks with attractions and harmless silent windmills producing energy, gulfs and stick woods.


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