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Shooting Denmark

Camera lenses can’t always depict the beauty our eyes witness. You can do some Photoshop tricks, but all that magic simple doesn’t work sometimes. And photos are an important part of the memories. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you have to bring back a few albums. Here are a few places in Denmark, where your photos will come out so good you can send them to different competitions.

Photo by Rob Warde


Nyhavn is the most popular shot of Denmark you can find. If you search the word “Denmark,” it’s the first scene you’ll get. Interestingly, it’s beautiful from all angles. There are always boats parked one by one. If you manage to get them and the water inside the frame, you’ll have better results.

There is no way you can skip this part of Copenhagan, it’s the symbol of the country, the most Danish place.

Copenhagen view

There are a few places where a beautiful view to Copenhagen can be found. If you happen to stay at a tall hotel, your room balcony can also be one of those places. Just find a tall building with free access to the roof, the view always comes out great in photos. This time we’re not talking about a single photo, but a panorama. Make sure to get what your eyes see, from one edge to another. Copenhagen after dark will be more special. Cities always have an incredible light effect at nights. There are so many lights it seems the city is burning silently. Despite that, Copenhagen fire is not with flame, but with endless and positive energy.

Generally speaking, city skylines are always a hit. They have a big demand as desktop wallpapers, Facebook covers, some people even print them out and hang on the wall.

Photo by danishwindindustryassociation

Northern Lights

The fact that Northern Lights don’t occur in all countries, is already a value for photography. Not everyone has the patience and planning skills to catch the lights and process them into photos. If you’re visiting Denmark, together with other Scandinavian countries, consider that the chance is knocking right at your hotel room door. You need to take the camera and press the button.

Aurora Borealis, as smart people call them, occur in specific time periods, which depend on a number of different factors. Check out the agenda for the Northern Lights of the year you’re visiting the country. Find out the exact places you can see them from. Look for a guide or a local. You’ll probably need to go into nature a bit, which means you might have to speak or understand some Danish. I’m offering an easier option, find a Danish friend. You can use top social networking websites and get acquainted with guides or simple people who won’t mind to wander around with you.


All European festivals record a scaring crowd. Too many people gather in one place. This has got to bring out the adventurous side of humans.

Denmark is even more special when it comes to festivals. Roskilde festival is one of the best festivals you can find in Europe. It’s all about music, drinks, and fun. People stay in tents and party day and night. This is where Danes get adventurous and take off their masks of seriousness.

Your camera might also help you retrieve the past nights, as it’s impossible to stay sober in a place where everyone and everything is drunk.

Photo by FromTheNorth

Castles and Palaces

Photography hunters should use the advantage of the royal family. Due to the monarchy, the oldest one in the world, Danes have perfectly preserved their castles and palaces.

The castles are scattered all over the country, so you have to travel outside of the capital to reach them. Start with Egeskov Castle, it’s the most amazing castle you’ll ever see. An enormous building that stands on a pile of wood logs in the middle of a lake.

Palaces are easier to reach. A bug number of palaces are located in Copenhagen, so you need only to walk a few meters (if your hotel is located in downtown) or take a short trip on bus or metro.

While you can get nice shots walking around it, finding a high point around it is a better idea. That way you can include the whole building in the shot. Interestingly, the weather in Denmark will always help you out. The sun, rain, snow, wind, everything can make your photo a masterpiece, use those factors in your advantage.

Having said all that, I hope you understand the farther you travel and the more lost your castles are, the more value your photos will have. If you have a professional camera, you can even try and make money from your travels. Budget travelers should especially give it a second thought. You can raise the funds yourself, with one push.

Some royal rituals also survived. Changing of the guards is one of them. Take the front spots during the event and capture an old event that keeps taking place every single day, wherever the Queen travels.

You can find a new photogenic place every day, but these ones are the most common and tested variants. Even if the shot is not planned, the outcome is always pretty impressive. Keep your camera charged, travel on and shoot it all out!


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