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Ree Park Safari: Don’t Miss It!

Ebeltoft is a spectacular small town in Denmark, which is not as popular as the rest of Danish cities and neither it includes many luxurious hotels and restaurants (just what we expect from, say, capital Copenhagen) but it has one feature that sets it apart – its immense splendor expressed in its wonderful nature. This town needs to be explored on foot and not by car since you have to explore each inch of its amazing nature.

Ree Park Safari
Photo by MatiasSingers

Ebeltoft’s population is not so large less than 8000 people live here but it provides a chance to have a broader idea of who Danish people are. And interestingly, here people seem to be warmer and smile more.
Nature is the main attraction in this small town of Ebeltoft; however, there is a most entertaining place for people traveling with their children. It’s the Ree Park, where the good mood dominates and the eyes simply sparkle with joy and happiness.

If you arrive to Ree Park by car, then you needn’t worry about where to park your car. The park has 450 parking lots, which are free of charge and are located within a close distance from the park.

Ree Park is a venue where you might spend the entire day. The park does not offer only watching the animals, but also to be part of the processes and activities carried out in the park. But let’s first focus on what animals you will meet in this zoo. To begin with there are animals from the five continents, among them animals from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

Ree Park Safari 1
Photo by kulepind
  • The list of the some of the most amazing African animals includes brown lemur, bongo, crown crane, black rhinoceros, kata lemur, rosa pelican, Nubian goat and so on.
  • Among the Asian animal “treasures” you will find onager, gibbon, small-clawed otter, blackbuck and so on.
  • The park is not so rich in European varieties and the animals are limited to moose, muflon, European bison and white stork.
  • The species from North America include cute prairie dog, opsossum, skunk, bald eagle, American bison, black bear and arctic wolf.
  • And of course there are the exotic animals from hot and crazy South America, among them macaw, alpaca, red macaw, capuchin monkey, squirrel monkey, vicunja and so on.

All these animals will ensure your great time. Add to this the activities. The park offers cheetah and lion feeding, camel back riding, bird show and land rover safari. One thing not to miss out of these offers is the camel back riding which promises memorable experiences.

Ree Park Safari 2
Photo by kulepind

Since the chances are high you will end up spending the entire day in the park, you shouldn’t worry about starving all day or what to eat. The park not only has picnic areas for people who would like to bring their food together, which is also a way to save money, but also for people wishing to dine or have something at a cafe or a restaurant. Children will obviously love the Madagaskar Sandwich Bar. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to explore the Danish cuisine, which greatly focuses on sandwiches.

Note that in general the ticket to the park costs around EUR 16 for senior people, EUR 20 for adults and around EUR 12 for children. You should take into account that these are approximate prices, so check them out before visiting the park.

After exploring the park or having it half-explored you might want to simply stay in the park and not go anywhere. Almost all visitors go through such “feelings” and if you also want to do it and can afford, then the park welcomes you to stay in a safari lodge or a shelter. Note that up to four people can stay at the lodge and the price per safari lodge is EUR 480. As to the shelters, they come at around EUR 390.

There is also a possibility of a barbecue menu. And there is even a barbecue menu designed for especially children.


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