Places to Visit in Denmark

Just because Denmark is smaller than the rest of European countries, many people think it is a less interesting country compared to the rest. Just like every other country and destination, Denmark is unique in its own way and has really much to offer for a true Scandinavian experience and a perfect vacation. Denmark is a kingdom with great historical heritage, architectural wonders, medieval and stylish castles, lively cities and rural countryside and even Viking remains. You will be taken aback by whatever you will see in this small, yet most interesting country. So book your tickets to the astonishing Kingdom of Denmark!

Discover Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark Copenhagen is a special travel destination for tourists and the largest and most cosmopolitan city of Scandinavia. There is much to see and do in Copenhagen starting from walking around the Royal castle and witnessing the fuss being made around the Royal family. The city is full of attractions and alluring gardens. With its vibrant nightlife Copenhagen is the most visited night city of Scandinavia with a variety of clubs and fabulous bars where you can spend a rocking and crazy night.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

The famous Hans Christian Andersen Museum is situated in one of the most beautiful cities of Denmark, Odense. The museum is managed by the Ugly Duckling Foundation, which is a non-profit organization set-up to foster public understanding and enjoyment of Andersen and his work. This original and really valuable place of art is located in Andersen’s childhood home and now considered to be the main visited attraction in the city. The museum is a home of interesting collections including pictures and various illustrations, exhibits from the writer’s life and a big library of Danish and foreign writers’ works.

Faroe Islands

Are you looking for isolation from the entire world? The Faroe Islands located 800 miles north from Copenhagen is that perfect place offering countless opportunities. It’s situated between Iceland and Norway and has rich natural beauty. The amazing green mountains and numerous waterfalls make it simply miraculous.

You will see the historical wonders of Norway, Iceland and Denmark gathered in one place. This is a unique combination of cultures. Medieval churches and fishing villages, small and tiny farmhouses make the surroundings even more attractive.

Denmark is the country where you can find everything to make your trip really enjoyable and fill your heart and mind with great memories to cherish forever.

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