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Memorable Experiences in Denmark

Denmark as a country is not usually a top destination on a travelers list, just because compared with other countries it’s less crazy and is stricter in its character. However, those who do want to penetrate into Danish culture and explore the land of Danish people are welcome to read on and see which are the best Danish experiences.

Danish cuisine

Two things to try from Danish cuisine are the Danish sandwiches and pies. The first peculiarity of Danish sandwiches is their being colorful, and by colorful we do not imply only two colors, sometimes it resembles a rainbow and thus, appears tastier. The three basics of Danish sandwiches are fish, meat and cheese.

Danish cuisine is abundant with pies and so there are various pie recipes. The most important one is the apple pie called Charlotte, which is a must try if you haven’t yet. This pie has become quite popular with nit only Danish people and visitors of Denmark, but also outside of it. If an apple pie appears not so attractive, then you can try the strawberry jam pie.

Photo by virtualwayfarer

Another thing to try in Denmark is the Danish blue cheese. Those who love blue cheese will beyond doubt appreciate the taste of the Danish blue called Danablu in Danish language. This cheese is made of cow milk.

Note that you can order them in all Danish cafes and restaurants, but if you would like to prepare, say, the apple pie, which does not represent much difficulty you can ask for the recipe and prepare it when back home.

Botanical Garden in Copenhagen

The Botanical Garden is a real heaven on earth. It includes the largest collection of living plants. The main purpose of this garden is to enrich and broaden knowledge of vegetable and fungi kingdom. Ever watched Batman and Robin? If yes then you probably still remember the part with Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman) in her splendid garden. Something similar awaits you there. A walk in the garden promises to be entertaining, educating and memorable, since many countries might have botanical gardens but not all will offer such diversity and abundance of plants.

Photo by skruk


Time does not stand still. It moves on and many things change, but interestingly, the interest towards these toys called legos does not decrease, instead with the new forms and types of legos the interest increases every other day. Lego toys have appeared in sales since 1949. Count how many generations have changed since then but playing with these lego toys has been and is a dream for many children. Compared with the past times, presently, almost nobody is deprived of this opportunity since lego toys are produced and available in almost all countries at any price.

I cannot say for sure what keeps the interest toward these toys going but it’s pleasant to see that after so many years they still preserve their attractiveness. So, is there any person who does not know about the Legoland. Sometimes I think if we put the Legoland and the Disneyland on scales they will have the same weight for children, as they are both the dream to be accomplished. The Legoland is located in Billund and is a top Danish destination for a family travel.

Photo by Photomatt28

What to do in Legoland –various rides, water parks with green surroundings, 3D movies and more. A piece of advice is to take some food with you and warm clothes, since Denmark might experience abrupt weather changes.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Hans Christian Andersen Museum seems to be cut from a fairy tale. It’s an ideal place for a visit especially for those people who love Andersen’s tales, who have traveled to the world he created in his tales and who would like to feel his spirit around them once again.

The author died in 1875 in capital Copenhagen but he is still alive through his tales and works, but those people who would like to further explore him, should visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense. City of Odense is where the great writer was born and where he passed he childhood, ran and only after visiting the museum and having a broader idea of who Hans Christian Andersen is you might understand what drove him into such deep inner world which was reflected in his awesome tales.


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