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Major Events in the History of Copenhagen: Timeline

As a capital city Copenhagen spares no effort to entertain its visitors and to keep their interest high. People visiting Denmark have some knowledge about the history of Denmark, while the history of Copenhagen seems to be a bit “ignored.”

Photo by Thomas Rousing

Copenhagen is said to exist as a settlement 6000 years ago. However, the first written evidence dates to 1043. The Copenhagen we have today used to be a small fishing village and nobody would ever thought that it would ever turn into a large city and one of the most attractive and popular capital cities.

6000 BC – It’s not enough to say that this or that city/country existed as a settlement thousands of years ago and not support your statement with relevant proof. The Danish capital as a settlement is said to date back to 6000 years ago, and it’s supported by the evidence discovered. If you are interested in the history of Denmark to an extent you would like to see the evidence with your own eyes, then make sure to ask for details at Copenhagen museums.

750- 1050 – This or that way when you say Denmark, furious Vikings always occur to you. Over the mentioned period, they used to conquer the world and the Danish capital used to serve as a strategic harbor for them.

Copenhagen 1
Photo by opacity

1154 – Ever heard about Valdemar the Great? If not, then it’s high time to enrich your knowledge and learn that he was the Danish king who expanded the kingdom of Denmark. It’s due to him, that years later the Danish Empire emerged. Valdemar was proclaimed the King of Denmark in 1154.

1219 – Present Denmark and the Denmark of many years ago are two different things. While today the country seems to enjoy the best relations with its neighbors and other states, previously it was constantly in fights. One such fight was the battle between Estonia and Denmark during which the Danish flag is said to have fallen from the sky. It is perceived as a sign of the victory in the battle.

1376 – Europe where people constantly speak of human right and equality between men and women, was not like that in the past. But the past cannot erase from its pages the name of the most powerful woman in Europe – Margrethe l, who was crowned in 1376.

Copenhagen 2
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1517 – Lutheran Church, more precisely Lutheranism is the official religion in Denmark. All that began in the beginning of the 16th century when Danish people started to turn against the Catholic Church. And apparently, there is no need to list the reasons why.

1526 – 1526 is an important date in the history of Denmark as it’s when the Danish church finally split from Rome.

1711 – It’s the year when plague spread in Copenhagen. In the same century (1728 and 1795) it suffered from the two great fires.

1849 – Democracy established in Denmark. Following it Copenhagen and the entire country entered a peaceful phase of extensive but peaceful economic development.

1940 –Current queen— Margrethe II – was born on April 16, 1940. German invasion started, as you might know from global history those were the times of World War II.

1949 – Denmark joined North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

1973 – Denmark joins the European Community.

Copenhagen 3
Photo by Valerio Fuoglio

21st century – If we sum up, Copenhagen is one of the oldest capitals in Europe. It’s the seat of the world’s oldest monarchy. Presently, the city is considered the business center of Denmark, offering dynamic activities and high-quality of life. Another aspect setting this city apart from the rest of Danish cities as well as foreign ones is its being a city with eco-friendly environment.

To have a broader understanding of Copenhagen as well as gain more knowledge about it you should visit the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (one of the best museums in Copenhagen; presents art from some of the richest periods in history), Amalienborg Palace (the official residence of Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe), and the Little Mermaid statue (the statue of a stone mermaid resting on a rock; it will introduce you one of the greatest writers in the world – Hans Christian Andersen, though we doubt there is anybody who doesn’t know him; Disney movies have had their large contribution as well).


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