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In Search of History: Rosenborg Castle

Denmark is very popular with its historical landmarks, so no surprise many people visit the kingdom exactly for exploring ancient architecture and cultural developments. One of the most visited places in Denmark is Rosenberg Castle, which will be our today’s stop. This highly visited travel destination is a top attraction in the capital Copenhagen. The castle is surrounded by a very beautiful pink forest and botanical gardens near the street, which grow every day covering  large area.

The luxurious halls and world-class ballrooms embellished with incredible and original decorations, which once served as summer home for the Danish King Christian IV,  are now museums for the public. The King often stayed at Rosenborg when residing in Copenhagen, and died there in 1648. After his death, his son King Frederik III inherited the palace. Together with his Queen, Sophie Amalie he carried out several modernizations. Frederik IV was the last king to reside in the palace.

The museum houses various cultural treasures so you will get acquainted with not only Danish but also international  wonders here. Royal jewelry, bear glasses and even baby shoes perfectly preserved till our days cn be found there. Though the castle is not one of the largest in Denmark it certainly is one of the most busiest always abundant with tourists and visitors.

The Long Hall is one of the most popular parts of the castle situated on the 3rd floor. It was originally the ballroom and in around 1700s it was used as Royal Reception Room and for banquets. Only in the second half of the 19th century it became  popular as the Knights Hall.

During summertime you will have a chance to enjoy different musical events and theater performances in the alluring pink garden. This garden is called King’s garden and is the oldest royal garden in the whole Denmark established in the Renaissance style by King Christian IV in 1606. Each year the garden houses over 2,5 million visitors and it’s very popular among not only inhabitants but also the tourists. This green miracle covers a very big area and is blessed with small fountains and statues standing like the keepers of the majestic territory. For the public the garden was opened in the 1770s. If you visit Denmark with children, this place will be loved by them too, because puppet theater for children is organized during summer. Other than that, it’s an amazing place for walking and why not, even a romantic date.

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