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Exploring Ebeltoft

Almost all European countries have small cities and towns with narrow cobblestone streets which are fascinating for the tourists and they appear more than impressive in their eyes. One of the main hosts of such cities is Spain. Take, for example, Osuna. Denmark also has such a town, which is not so popular as capital Copenhagen or amazing Aarhus, but still it never complains about the number of its visitors. This small Danish town attracts and pulls tourists with its amazing cobblestone streets and continues to astound with its offers and attractions.

Ebeltoft 1
Photo by Agent Smith

Ebeltoft is located on the east coast of Denmark. It has a population of around 7500 people. This town is so magical owing to its magical nature which gives some extraordinary splendor to this town. The city has one outstanding point and it refers to its glass museums, which are the first in their type. It’s also where the longest wooden warship in the world is located. It should be noted that the annual report of visitors of this town shows that the number of its visitors outruns the number of local residents, which means that this town truly has something in its air.

The city itself is awesome and so picturesque that very often serves a very special purpose. Many people planning to get married choose exactly this town, simply because due to its views and structure it is one of the most romantic destinations. In this regard, not only Danish couples opt for this town but also many foreigners looking for a romantic spot.

This town has much to offer for “solo” tarvalers, senior visitors and people traveling with children. It’s a must for all travelers to visit the Old Town.

Ebeltoft 2
Photo by HaldJespersen

Glasmuseet (Glass Museum) was founded in 1985. The building where the museum is housed was previously a Customs and Excise House. It was established by glass artist Finn Lynggaard, Erling Rasmussen (former Managing Director of Kvadrat, Ebeltoft) and Bent Fredberg (Chartered Accountant).

The museum aims to raise awareness of contemporary glass throughout the world. It exhibits contemporary, international glass art and has a permanent collection. It should be noted that the museum does not get any state support. Each year around 40 thousand people visit this museum.

Ree Park Safari is a unique venue more suitable for a family travel. The park includes animals from five continents Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Small-clawed otter, skunk, bald eagle, capuchin monkey, squirrel monkey, red macaw, prairie dog, vicunja, opsossum, skunk and onager are some of the most wonderful animals residing in the park.

Ebeltoft 3
Photo by Mollenborg

Some of the activities worth taking part in Ree Park include cheetah and lion feeding, camel back riding, bird show and land rover safari.

This small town has plenty of shops and therefore want it or not, shopping and sometimes impulsive shopping takes over you and you end up with lots of souvenirs for friends and lots of gifts for relatives. Note that there is also a nice book shop if you need to make a more “intelligent” gift. Also to take some sweet memories from Ebeltoft you can also get some candies from the town’s candy shop.

Ebeltoft 4
Photo by Poul-Werner

Ebeltoft is a touristic town, however unlike the major Danish cities it does not have many hotels, neither it offers a large variety of luxury. So what you need to choose is modesty and convenience. Overall, the town has two hotels and a camping site. The camping site is not in the center, but it is within quite a short distance, and since the city is really small we would recommend exploring it on foot, even if you have traveled there by car. Staying at hostels is also an option.

The number of cafes and restaurants is not large either, but their number is sufficient. We suggest visiting Paradis Is, v./Dorte Le Fevre café and Restaurant ES. And as in general, we recommend trying Danish cuisine.


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