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Jobs in Denmark

Jobs in Denmark
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What can be more difficult than receiving a residence permit in Denmark? Receiving a work permit.

The status of your home country plays an important role here again. If the country of your citizenship is an EU member, you can freely get a job in Denmark without a special permission, while living there.

However, if your country is located outside of the EU zone, you will have to apply for a residence and work permit. And this is not an easy task.

First, you have to prove that you are worthy of Denmark, and second, you have to prove worthy of the job you’re applying for. The rules are so strict here that only professionals, exceptional specialists, or people with specialization that lacks in Denmark can get the permission.

Meanwhile, there are a number of jobs in Denmark that don’t require the presence of the mentioned permission. Without Permission one may work as the following experts (though for no more than 3 months):

• Science officers invited to teach or deliver lectures in Danish schools, universities and other institutions.

• Actors and the musicians playing dominant roles in considerable art events, films, and so on.

• Advisers, adjusters of the equipment, instructors and other experts working on installation, inspection or repairing of cars, the equipment or computer programs and employed in the equipment company-manufacturers.

• Professional sportsmen and trainers. In this case presence of the visa to citizens of those countries for which the visa in Denmark is needed must be provided.

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Special conditions for Work permit are defined for experts by Job Card Scheme. Foreign experts who have signed the contract for work on one of professions from Job Card Scheme, immediately receive residence and work permit.

In difficult cases, the consideration of the issue must not exceed 30 days.

If an expert does receive a work permit for Denmark, their families, namely wife and children can receive a residence permit as well, if the family income is higher than the current level of social security benefits.

If the foreigner has lost his/her work or has resigned, the work permit isn’t valid anymore. Also, if the residence permit is withdrawn, not prolonged, the applicant must leave the country, usually within 1 month. If the foreigner finds new work on Job Card Scheme, he can apply for a new residence permit and start the process all over again.

Once the residence and work permit is granted to the applicant he must have some serious plans of learning Danish. Of course, the majority of Danes understand English. Sometimes it can even get impossible to understand the nationality of the speaker, as Danes speak very fluent English.

Besides, they are always ready to switch their language for a couple of hours not to make you feel awkward. But you should understand that if you want to be perceived as a professional and a serious specialist, you must know at least some Danish. Otherwise you will always stay at the level of a tourist.

The residence permit is actually a ticket for you to Danish language courses. The state is responsible for providing appropriate opportunities for you to learn their language. Don’t forget to use this chance, as the language is a very important asset for integrating into a society.

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You should never think of a kind of job that is most accepted in Denmark. Danes are considered to be the happiest nation on Earth, and one of the reasons for it is the fact that Danes have the professions they want.

It doesn’t mean if you are a doctor or a painter, if you are good at work, you will never be hungry or have shortage of financial resources.

Labor costs in Denmark are significantly higher than in other countries. This is possible because employers only carry a low cost burden in terms of social security, labor taxes, etc.

Competitive labor undoubtedly makes the Danish workforce one of the most effective in Europe. Danish attitude to work is characterized by such values as efficiency, loyalty, motivation, self-reliance and creativity. What else can be a guarantee for a successful business?

Getting a job in Denmark is one of the most crucial things. If you have completed it, and, moreover, have received a residence and work permit, you will most definitely leave a happy life, as work and effort are always valued in the Danish Kingdom.


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