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Denmark Tourism

Denmark Tourism
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Denmark, the eco-friendly Scandinavian land, is attractive for everyone, regardless of the aim of visit, whether it is business, cultural event or just tourism.

Denmark is tempting at any time of the year. Yes, it’s chilly in summer and cold in winter, but this country is still eager to surprise you with its history, nature and lots of other attractions.

If you are a warmth-lover, summer is the best season for your visit. You will hardly ever get hot here. Put on a tank top, shorts and don’t forget a jacket.

This is the ideal uniform for an experienced tourist. You can also take a pair of sunglasses and an umbrella, depending on the weather outside of the window.

Only don’t forget to take your sunglasses off when viewing places of interest. You need to see them as close and as realistic as possible. Sunglasses won’t let you to take in the wonderful details and color scheme of Danish buildings and gardens.

Denmark consists of around 406 big and small islands. 100 of those islands are inhabited, others are waiting to be discovered and admired.

Tourism in Denmark
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Although Denmark is a typical country, it has different types of tourism to offer. If you are interested in history, archeology, excavations of houses, castles or entire villages, the majority of Danish cities have a number of such sites open for tourists.

Due to its Viking heritage, Denmark is filled with historical buildings and monuments, that reflect the lifestyle of Middle Ages, when Vikings raided the whole Europe, conquering and discovering.

Tourists in Denmark can go back in time and be a part of Viking-age real life villages. A very good example is the Ribe Viking Center. If you are not particularly a Viking-fan, you can visit Den Gamle By, which houses more recent building.

If you are a party-rocker, get prepared for the Roskilde Festival, you thought you’ve seen everything there is to see? Roskilde festival will prove you that the European youth is always ready to party till morning.

The most urban city of Denmark, also the capital, Copenhagen is a completely different experience. The city is overwhelmed with Hans Christian Andersen’s imagination and storytelling.

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Danes are always glad to welcome tourists from all over the world.

Once you arrive in Danish Kingdom, you enter a society very close to the European ideal: friendly and peaceful population, free, investment-open economy, high standards of living, stable monetary system, and also the best beer in the world, Carlsberg.

Add to these the most popular and intellectual children’s toys – LEGO, and you get the general Danish atmosphere. Denmark is an excellent place for tourism: picturesque vicinities, excellent beaches, and brisk night life.


Nightlife in Denmark is always lively as many clubs and pubs are just around the corner where you can enjoy live music performances.

Apart from nightclubs, casinos are also available for those who want to try their luck. Make your wallet thinner or become a millionaire in a day. Several casino games are available such as poker, slot, blackjack and roulette.

What to Do

Denmark beach
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The coastal line of Denmark makes 7300 kilometers and includes hundreds of islands that provide great conditions for swimming, surfing and cruising yachts.

Denmark has an exit to the high sea in the west, as well as calm fjords and the protected seas, such as Smalandshavet (between Zealand and Lolland) and the waters spotted with islands, on the south from island Fyn.

Denmark can easily brag about its rich traditions of fishing; numerous small rivers and lakes are full of pikes, perches and trout. Fishing in salty water practically isn’t limited; the cod, a mackerel, a flounder, and a trout are most common.

It’s no mystery why Vikings, ancestors of today’s Danes, have been unbeatable in shipbuilding and fishing.

Yes, it’s not too difficult to make an open-faced sandwich, but smørrebrøds are peculiar to Denmark and are definitely worth the money and the time.

These sandwiches are a part of Danish national cuisine. Over the time Danes have invented unthinkable ways and combinations of smørrebrøds, You will see absolutely charming food designs, color schemes, and Danish traditional seafood collections, that will tempt the most experienced culture-appreciators.

Find Vikings! Everything is about Vikings in this country. There are some people that lead a Viking lifestyle. They dress as Vikings, eat, speak and behave like them.

Danish Vikings
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Why Vikings are a must for tourists? Because if you visit a country and you want to understand its every attraction, monument, the people and traditions, you must have at least some background information about the nation’s past.

In this case, Vikings are the foundation of Denmark, and you should never forget about them while touring across the country.

Get some LEGO bricks. If you think you have grown up for this, consider it once more. You’re in the homeland of LEGO. There are many rear collections that cost a fortune outside this country.

There are definitely some kids back home waiting for you and, of course, your gifts. What can be a better present than an original set of LEGO bricks right from Denmark.

Don’t forget to try famous Danish beer. Danes are the second nation in the world by the numbers of beer consumption. The first place belongs to the Irish. Carlsberg beer is famous not only within but also outside of the country. So don’t forget to try it during your visit and see what good beer really tastes like.


Danish airplanes
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Transportation will definitely be the least of your problems when you visit Denmark. Due to its interesting geographical peculiarities, almost all ways of transportation are possible here.

You can adjust it with your interests, and most importantly, with your wallet.

The link between country’s major cities is usually organized via internal flights. As a modern trend in Europe there are many offers with juicy discounts.

This is why it is essential to book the ticket as early as you can. Last minute tickets are very risky, they can be either very cheap or extremely expensive.

If you are afraid of airplanes or just want to see the country’s nature as you move from one city to another, trains are the best option. They work almost in the same way as airplanes.

Make sure to book the ticket beforehand. Moreover, look for them online, as the best discounts are usually advertised on Internet.

Denmark is known for having a developed and reliable railway network, which stands out with its reasonable prices and convenient intervals.

Denmark cars
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If you prefer to rent a car, remember that right-way movement and seat belts are obligatory. All drivers must have a sign of an emergency stop in the car.

Within cities, the cheapest and fastest variant is the subway. Taxis can be too expensive, despite the fact that they are helpful if you don’t know where to go. Otherwise, just get the map, mark your destination and look for the subway train to take you there.

As a truly European country, bicycles in Denmark are an indivisible part of Danish urban life. It’s free, it’s healthy and it’s fun. There are special bicycle paths all around the cities.

Some of them expand even beyond the limits a city and allow you to explore the countryside by your bike.

The network of ferries connects all inhabited islands of Denmark. Tourists that have special love towards the sea and ships, can cruise around Denmark in a yacht. After all, Denmark is surrounded by water almost from every side.


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