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Denmark Climate

No Horizon
Photo by dans le grand bleu

There are no extremes when it comes to weather. The temperate climate of Denmark provides mild weather, with tolerable winters and pleasant summers. A very popular Danish saying suggests ‘There is never bad weather, only not appropriate clothing.’ Considering the ever-shifting Danish weather, it might be quite difficult to decide what is appropriate clothing.

To be at least partly prepared, you have to know the peculiarities of the Danish climate. The most important thing to watch out for is the directions the winds blow in. Changing wind directions can drastically turn over the weather and go from warm to chilly, and the other way around. This is why you should always carry a jacket and an umbrella no matter how bright the sun shines.

Danish Seasons


Denmark Winter
Photo by Luke Bryant

In winters, however, you will have a little extra-snow. Besides the cold, winters create astonishing natural landscapes, especially in countryside. The snowflakes fall like they do in books and fairy tales. Nowhere else winter displays its fashion this way like in the Scandinavian countries.

If you want an unforgettable Christmas vacation, do not hesitate to get a ticket to Scandinavia, and more specifically, to Denmark. After all,  you’ll have a famous neighbor, Santa Claus. The winter temperatures range from -13°C to 0°C (9°F – 32°F).


Denmark Spring
Photo by julochka

The real spring begins in late April and May, with leaves coating themselves with green and flowers blossoming all over the country. Although the weather is not very warm, the winds bring pleasant freshness in the air.

The spring in Denmark can be described as a transition period between winter and summer. Although the flower-decorated Denmark is a scene to witness at least once in a lifetime, spring might not be a good time for a vacation here.  The temperature usually ranges from 5°C to 15°C (41°F – 59°F).


Denmark Summer
Photo by Anders.Bachmann

Summers are always warm and nice. It’s never too hot or too cold, which is a real gift for tourists, who want to visit all places of interest in perfect weather. The beaches (which form the natural borders of the country from almost all parts) become popular in this time of the year.

You won’t see a lot of people swimming or diving (there are no coral reefs here), but if you are a fan of relaxed and calm picnics on the beach, you’ll definitely find your own corner. Stunning scenes will attract even the most picky photographers and even the amateurs. It feels like everyone becomes a photographer when there is an eye-popping nature. The summer temperature usually is 18°C-26°C (64°F  – 79°F).


Denmark Fall
Photo by madrileno80

Danish falls are usually stormy, with lots of winds and naturally, rains. Despite the weather inconvenience, the nature turns into a colorful fantasy. Leaves turn into colors no painter can reproduce. If you’re seeking a romantic destination, this would be an ideal place for it. The temperature in fall is very tricky. It starts with 24°C and falls all the way down to 5°C (75°F – 41°F).

A peculiarity of Denmark is the strong expression of all four seasons. If you have planned your vacation in detail and do not want any unexpected events, you’d better check the weather before buying a ticket. One of the best ways to check it beforehand is The website offers weather forecasts for all major cities in Denmark.

Geographical Peculiarities

Denmark Sunset
Photo by Niels Linneberg

Due to its geographical position, Denmark enjoys a non-traditional day-night shift. Winters in Denmark, which are usually very dark and gloomy, are accompanied with a shorter period of sunlight with sunrise coming at around 8:00 am and sunset at 3:30 pm (adding up to only seven and a half hours, not even a full working day).

The complete opposite phenomenon is observed in summers with sunrise at 3:30 am and late sunsets at 10:00 pm. This means only five and a half hours of darkness.

The Ministry of Climate and Energy

Denmark is is one of the most active states in protecting the nature and particularly, the climate. The Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy was formed in 2007 to conduct research regarding the climate change, geological surveys and to promote eco-friendly and green lifestyle.

 Quick Facts

  • Climate – Temperate
  • Weather – Mild
  • Winter –  -13°C – 0°C (9°F – 32°F)
  • Spring – 5°C – 15°C (41°F – 59°F)
  • Summer – 18°C – 26°C (64°F  – 79°F)
  • Fall: 24°C  – 5°C (75°F – 41°F)
  • Daylight in winters – sunrise at 8:00 am, sunset at 3:30 pm
  • Daylight in summers – sunrise at 3:30 am  sunset at 10:00 pm

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