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Odense Airport

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Odense Airport is a very small and quiet one. Moreover, it is the exact opposite of Copenhagen Airport, where everything and everyone is in a hurry.

The regular flying season here is mainly in summer. The season usually starts in April and lasts till October. Other than those months, flights are operated on irregular bases, and you should contact directly the airport or the airlines to find out if there will be a flight from the airport.

Odense Airport is located in the village of Beldringe. There are green fields surrounding the airport. There is no urban fuss, only beautiful Danish landscapes as you land. The nature does its best to prepare you for the city of Odense, and it will most definitely succeed.

The History

Airport in Odense
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The history of Odense Airport doesn’t start with a positive note. Its construction started in 1943, when Denmark was occupied by Germans.

It’s not difficult to guess that the airport was initially meant to serve for military purposes. Many houses were demolished and families moved.

Those houses that were not on the way of the construction remain even today, and you will see them while landing.

The traffic was not so big after its construction, especially when it failed to fulfill its initial military aim.

The number of passengers increased in 70s and 90s, because of which the runway was extended.

It went downfall in 90s and continues to hope for better times in future.

Advantages of Odense Airport

Odense Airport
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Despite the fact that the airport is small and you will hardly travel the world with such a starting point, it does have a very powerful advantage. You will notice it immediately if you’re flying from Copenhagen.

There are no crowds, no long queues, no security problems . . . in a word, a relaxing beginning for future vacation in Odense.

This is particularly convenient if you are flying to Italy, this is one of the very few destinations from this airport.

Airlines and Destinations

Unfortunately there are not many airlines operating in this airport.

There are only 3 of them at this time: Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia with a charter flight to Antalya, Orbest Orizonia Airlines with its charter flight to Chania, and Malmö Aviation that offers destinations to Palma de Mallorca, Split, Burgas, Skiathos, Corfu, and Kavala.

The mentioned flights are charter too.


Parking is free at Odense Airport. However, this applies only to the public lot. If you want to park your vehicle in a safer area, you will have to pay a small or (if for a long period) decent amount of money. One day parking will cost DKK 50, one week parking DKK 275, two weeks parking DKK 475, and three weeks DKK 650.

Quick Facts

  • Flying season – April to October
  • Flight types – charter
  • Airlines – Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, Orbest Orizonia Airlines, Malmö Aviation
  • Destinations – Antalya, Chania, Palma de Mallorca, Split, Burgas, Skiathos, Corfu, Kavala
  • Parking – free in public lot, fees apply in special safe area
  • Safe area parking fee – 1 day – DKK 50, 1 week – DKK 275, 2 weeks – DKK 475, 3 weeks – DKK 650.

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