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Flights to Copenhagen

Flights to Copenhagen
Photo by Hunter-Desportes

If you want to get to some of the smaller cities of Denmark, you most probably will have to do it through Copenhagen. The capital city is the main gate into the country.

It connects Denmark with the majority of European and world cities, and then offers connections with all Danish cities and towns. So it’s a very good destination if you want to experience Denmark at its best, and a good transit point on the way to other destinations.

Flights to Copenhagen are particularly frequent from Scandinavia, of course. The two-way connection here works impressively well. If you happen to be in one of Scandinavian countries, you won’t have a problem with booking a ticket, as there are quite a few airplanes leaving for Denmark weekly.

 The next position of frequent flights  is occupied by Northern Europe in general. UK, Iceland, Germany, and other countries have rather strong connections with Copenhagen airport.

The situation might be different  with countries outside of Europe. The farther the country, the less frequent the flights are. This is why you should apply for a Schengen visa and book your ticket way earlier.

You should challenge your airplane phobia before heading to Copenhagen. Most of the times the weather above will be very windy, so there might be a little shaking going on. Stay calm, it’s a common thing.


Prices for a flight to Copenhagen are naturally different depending on your location.

Some non-stop flights from European capitals like Madrid will cost you more than €200 and of course flights from Air Canada will cost twice of that amount.

You must definitely keep an eye on special discounts and packages. They might save you a lot of money and provide the best service.

Problems You Might Encounter at the Airport

Airport in Copenhagen
Photo by Pablo Municio

Before visiting Copenhagen airport, passengers should be aware of a few factors.

Copenhagen airport can get really busy, and by saying busy one might even mean crowded. It’s one of the major airports in Scandinavia, which means there is an awfully big flow of people arriving and departing from this airport.

This also means that things can get smoky for you.

If you are on a transit flight and have to get to your next airplane in a short amount of time, be ready for a challenge.

The traffic is so tense that it becomes almost painful to move through the building.

You can do only one thing to avoid this mess. Make sure you have a long interval between two flights. This way you won’t have to hurry and go through an adventure. Plus, you can spend some time shopping in airport’s shops.

Copenhagen Airport
Photo by adrimcm

Next, you will have to get your boarding pass yourself. Everything is automatized. Ask your travel agency to provide you with enough information so that you can get your boarding pass before your plane takes off without you.

Queues usually don’t take long but this is because people are encouraged to move quickly. If you have a belt on, or a laptop in your bag, try to get everything ready before your turn comes.

Denmark is an outrageously expensive country. The airport is the same. The cafes and the shops will make your wallet leak. Always look for the price tag before buying. You might be very surprised at some numbers.

If you take care of your business beforehand and stay attentive throughout the process, you will enjoy the airport to the fullest.


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