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Copenhagen Airport

Terminal 3
Photo by Terry Wha

Copenhagen Airport is the busiest one in Scandinavia, with a number of 60,000 passengers daily. It is also the 15th largest airport in the world.

This airport is very important for the entire Scandinavian people, who usually stop in Copenhagen for transit flights. This is why the building is designed in a true Scandinavian manner: lots of lines and light.

It’s only 8 km away from Copenhagen downtown. The official name is Copenhagen Airport Kastrup. Although it is thought to belong to the capital city, the airport is in reality located in a small town called Kastrup, on the Amager Island.

Hence, the name of the airport. Moreover, the airport’s short name is simply Kastrup, keep that in mind not to be confused later.

There are four terminals in the airport; terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4. As the airport naturally serves both domestic and international flights, terminal one is completely devoted to flights arriving or departing within the country.

International flights are operated from terminals 2 and 3. Finally, terminal 4 is a newly opened one. It’s main aim is to serve for more affordable airlines, their flight to and from Copenhagen. Such airlines are Ryanair, Wizz Air and EasyJet.

Copenhagen Airport can be accessed in various ways:

Copenhagen Airport
Photo by Maltesen

By rail: The airport is connected to the city by its own railway. It’s located just underneath Terminal 3.

By Metro: Line M2 of the Copenhagen Metro links the airport with the city center.

This is especially convenient if you have heavy luggage with you. It’s much easier to move on a train than on a bus.

By bus: There are quite a dew buses that have stops at the airport. These numbers are 5A, 35, 36, 75 E, 76 E, 96, and Gråhundbus line 999. Express-bus to Jutland also stops at the airport.

Movia bus 2A stops near the airport. There are long-distance buses to Sweden.

By car: If you travel by your own car, you can easily park your car and have someone pick it up for you later. Or there’s another option for those who have rented a car while in Denmark.

Some companies allow you to pick up the car at one place and return it to another one. After checking this condition with your car rental company, you can drop off the car, hand in the key, and get ready for your flight. The airport has 8,600 parking spaces.

By taxi: You can also take a taxi to the airport. It will of course be more expensive but with better comfort, you don’t have to worry about where to park your car or who will pick it up.

The taxi fare from Copenhagen city center to the airport will be around 200 DKK (€ 27). The trip is only 15 minutes long. Outside of Terminal 3, which mainly serves for international arrivals, there are many taxis waiting for a passenger.

Airport in Copenhagen
Photo byMaltesen

Friendly Danes have promoted their airport once again. It has won a number of awards, for example, it ended up as the ninth best airport in the whole world, while it was the third in Europe. The first place was given to Munich Airport, while Amsterdam came the second.

The awards were given in accordance with passenger surveys. Furthermore, the eating places are much better here, as the airport has got an award for the best airport dining facilities. The truth is though, it was only the second.

The most popular airlines that fly from this airport are Air France, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Finnair and, of course, German Lufthansa.

The airport also includes a duty-free shop, which will allow you to get rid of the last Krone left in your pocket. You can buy different items, including clothing and souvenirs.


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