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Copenhagen Accommodations

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If you just came back from a trip to another country and wonder where all your money went, try to recall how much you have paid for accommodation.

The big part of your wallet’s diet, the reason why it gets so thin in such a short period of time is because you pay the most of your money for hotels, houses, and other places where you prefer to spend the night.

The amount of money spent for this sometimes exceeds that spent on tourist attractions, transport and even food. This is why it’s so important to plan the trip, and especially the accommodation wisely.

First of all, you have to define what type of a tourist you are. If you are an active tourist, which means you will spend most of the day in the city and not in your room, the only thing that should truly matter for you is the bed.

If you are not very energetic, room comfort may be very crucial for your vacation, and it just needs to be well organized. Thankfully, there is no lack of comfortable Copenhagen accommodations.

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There are more than 160 hotels in Copenhagen, so you have a huge variety of choice. Be aware, the price of the hotel, hostel or apartment will depend on many factors such as the stars, the offered conveniences, the location, the season and so on.

Summers are very busy with hotels, there are a lot of tourists coming to Denmark.

This is why you, first, have to book ahead of your trip, and second, pay more than you’d do in, for example, spring or winter.

Moreover, don’t pay with your credit card, or they will usually charge you (depending on your bank) around 3% of the price. Do the math, it can be pretty unpleasant.

Generally, there are four types of accommodation you can find in Copenhagen (besides a friend’s house, of course).


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The first category of possible Copenhagen accommodations for tourists is the number of hotels. These quite ancient institutions, if one can call them such, are spread all over the earth.

Though in different forms and with different offers, you can find them everywhere where there is a visitor.

Hotels are expensive everywhere, and Copenhagen is not an exception. In more rural areas of Denmark, prices for hotels can be quite decent, but in Copenhagen . . . it’s the capital, after all . . . you need to go there prepared.

On the other hand, hotel prices usually include the breakfast, so you already save for one of the meals.

However, we ought to give the credit for the quality. Yes, they are expensive, but they most certainly do provide the luxury or at least the conveniences you have paid for. The competition is quite high in the biggest city of the country, which is why each hotel does its best to see their visitors happy.

Some of the most popular hotels in Copenhagen are Omena Hotel, Cabinn Metro, Wakeup Copenhagen, Radisson Blu Hotel, Copenhagen Island Hotel, and so on.


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Hostels in Copenhagen are cheaper variant hotels.

They offer more modest and simpler conveniences, usually a bed and a separate bathroom. This is if you take a room only for yourself. It will, naturally, cost more than if you’d take a bed in a general room.

This means that you would have to share the room with other guests. It’s really a matter of luck. Your roommates can be quite nice, but they can also be creepy. You can either meet some new friends, or have a troubling and sleepless night.

Whatever you decide, always pay attention to your luggage, don’t leave anything too expensive in the room, and follow other safety rules (this however doesn’t mean to sleep with a gun and a finger on the trigger). Danes are very trustworthy but again, your roommates can be from the other side of the globe.

The most popular hostels in Copenhagen you might want to try are Generator Hostel, Danhostel, City Public Hostel, Sleep-in Green, and so on.

Houses/Apartments Rentals

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Apartments might be a luxury, but they are surely a great option for a family vacation. Yes, there won’t be anyone cleaning after you, but at least you can feel yourself home.

Rental houses and apartments are usually convenient for more than 4 people.

You can book the apartments online. There is a chance that pictures are more beautiful than the reality itself, but walking around the city and checking out houses will take a lot of time, so choose quickly and wisely.

This is the reason why the majority of apartment bookings in Copenhagen are done through special websites.

Naturally, apartments close to the city center are more expensive than those in suburbs. Conveniences also change the price.


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Some tourists like to cruise the city all day long. And really, it’s very torturous to pay loads of money for a room, where you won’t even spend the majority of the day.

If you only need a bed or a couch, or a soft place to sleep at night, then you might want to couchsurf.

Thousands of tourists travel with daily. This is a good alternative for those, who are friendly and communicative, don’t want to spend a lot on hotels and hostels, and don’t mind company.

There are hosts in almost every city of the world. The only thing you need to do is to contact them and ask if they can host you for a few days. Some will give you their couch, others will lend you a whole guestroom, this depends on how lucky you are.

One of the advantages of this service is the integration into the society, if you are traveling alone or would love to have a local guiding you through the city and telling all sorts of things about Copenhagen, you can contact people who are so-called available for a cup of coffee.

However, be very careful in choosing a host. Make sure there are many and honest recommendations on his page, and finally, trust your intuition. You don’t want to spend a night at some maniac’s house, do you?

Quick Facts

  • Hotels – Omena Hotel, Cabinn Metro, Wakeup Copenhagen, Radisson Blu Hotel, Copenhagen Island Hotel, etc.
  • Hostels – Generator Hostel, Danhostel, City Public Hostel, Sleep-in Green, etc.
  • Houses/Apartment rentals – available for booking online
  • Couchsurfing – find a couch or a bed for sleeping over

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