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Billund Airport

Billund Airport
Photo by Ingy The Wingy

Billund Airport (Billund Lufthavn) is located in central Jutland (Jylland), and it is Denmark’s second busiest airport.

While some Danish airports focus on domestic connections, the airport mainly deals with travelers to and from European destinations and the capital city Copenhagen. The airport also has its fair share of low cost of airline traffic.

Despite the busy life in the terminals, constant arrivals and departures, the airport is rather small and it has only a handful of shops and places to eat. Considering the respectable number of destinations and passengers, you would be surprised to see the actual size of the building.

The airport is well organized and runs very efficiently. There is a very slight possibility that you will get lost here. In any case, the friendly character of Danes won’t leave you in trouble even if you do. There is also a good amount of parking spaces.

It handles an average of almost two million passengers a year, and millions of pounds of cargo.

The airlines flying in and out of the airport are not necessarily Danish. Some of the most popular airlines in Billund Airport are Lufthansa, Norwegian, British Airways, and so on.

Dark Vader
Photo by stefrobb

The airport has a café and a restaurant, it also offers a nursing room if you feel like your child needs some freedom to play around while you deal with your own business.

The one and only drawback to this airport is its location and the distance from surrounding cities and sites. In fact, it isn’t located very close to any of the major cities in Denmark.

In true Danish logical fashion the airport was not placed next to Aarhus (Århus) the second largest city in the country. Instead, it was placed very centrally in Jutland, and it lies between 40 and 100 km distance from 7 of Denmark 20 largest cities.

This does seem like a very well thought out rational idea. It can serve for visitors from all those cities. However, the reality is that every traveler ends up being moderately inconvenienced. Especially when you consider the factor that there is no train station in or near Billund Airport.

You will have to go with either a very long bus trip or a pretty pricy taxi service. This must be planned wisely, or you can get stuck in an airport, not a very exciting vacation. Unless of course you happen to be one of the rare individuals who have actually flown to Billund with the intention of staying in Billund. All your bus needs can be arranged quite easily in the airport.

LEGO lounge
Photo by 1541

This is probably one of the few cases where it could be reiterated without hesitation that car rental companies can sometimes be a total savior. Avis and Budget car rentals are available at the airport. So if you have a driving license, you can get to your desired destination on your own.

Yes, the airport has some very serious problems concerning transportation and destinations, but it should also be mentioned that it’s located considerably close to one of the most spectacular amusement parks in Denmark, Legoland.

Many passengers fly to Billund for that exact reason. The only problem is getting to the amusement park, after that, you can relax and have fun, as Legoland has its own hotel and the set of eating places.

The airport’s main runway can handle airliners as large as the aforementioned Boeing 747, although most passengers arrive on smaller airplanes, such as ATR-42s, Boeing 737s and Boeing 757s. Boeing 747 activity at this airport is almost exclusively limited to cargo flights.

Billund Airport also features a number of conference rooms or lounges, where a more working atmosphere is waiting for you. You must not prepare yourself for an excellently fashionable design, but you will most probably be happy from your visit. The airport has done its best to make the building suitable for businessmen as well.

Main Airlines and Destinations

  • LEGO in Billund Airport
    Photo by stefrobb

    AirBaltic (Riga)

  • Atlantic Airways (Vagar)
  • Sun Air of Scandinavia (Aarhus, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Gdańsk [begins April 20], Gothenburg-Landvetter, Helsinki, London-City, Manchester,
  • Paris- Charles de Gaulle
  • Bulgarian Air Charter (Bourgas, Plovdiv) [seasonal]
  • Cimber Air (Bergen, Copenhagen, London-Gatwick, Malaga [begins February 15], Munich, Nice [begins March 29], Oslo, Rome-Fiumicino [begins March 3]
  • Stavanger, (Stockholm-Arlanda)
  • DAT – Danish Air Transport (Stavanger)
  • Iceland Express (Reykjavík-Keflavík)
  • Icelandair (Reykjavík-Keflavík) [charter]
  • KLM Cityhopper (Amsterdam)
  • Eurowings (Frankfurt)
  • North Flying
  • Ryanair (Alicante, Birmingham, Dublin, Edinburgh, Girona, London-Stansted, Milan-Bergamo, Pisa)
    UPG-Airservice (Lviv)

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