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Billund Municipality is not particularly known for its modern architecture, or the opposite, historic significance. Despite that, 1 million tourists visit the city every year. The key point is not the city itself but some of the attractions it offers.

Although the city is not a prehistoric one, a number of excavations have shown that hunters and fishers resided in this territory after Ice Age.

Some findings have already been unearthed, but Denmark’s soil will surely present many more discoveries. Who knows, maybe you’ll be responsible for one of them.

The city is the largest one in Billund Municipality. Its population is 6139 (as of 2011). Billund city itself does not contain many places of interest. The majority of them are located outside of the city. You might need a car or a taxi to get to some of them.

The city’s tourist destinations focus more on entertainment than Danish history. This is probably the fact that sets Billund apart from other Danish cities. It offers amusement parks, recreational environments, and lots of museums. Among them are Legoland, Billund Kirke, Jelling, the Egtved Girl, Karensminde Agricultural Museum, Lalandia, and Billund Sculpture park.

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LEGO is a Danish company that manufactures world-famous brick toys. It has conquered the kids’ market, and there is hardly a child in Europe and beyond it that hasn’t owned or heard of LEGO bricks.

This is why Danes are proud to have offered LEGO to the world. They have opened an amusement park completely devoted to these toys. Legoland, as it is called, is a colorful world, where almost everything is created by LEGO.

Legoland is further divided into several parts, the most remarkable of which is the Miniland. It allows you to see the world in your palm, so small but so detailed it seems you’re looking out of the airplane. Miniland is the small-scale recreation of the major cities like Copenhagen, New York and so on.

Other parts are thematic and include corresponding attractions. They are LEGOREDO Town, Imagination Zone, Adventure Land, KNIGHTS’ KINGDOM, DUPLO Land, Pirate Land and Polar Land.

Once you get to this amusement park, you should forget about the world outside, as Legoland provides everything for you. It has a number of restaurants and cafes, shops for clothing, food and souvenir, as well as a nice hotel for those who want to stay in the story a little bit more.

The hotel, in fact, does its best to keep you within the theme and offers you a night of your dreams. Children are guaranteed to like this part.

Billund Kirke

Billund Kirke
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There are churches all over the territory of Denmark.

Some are prehistoric and half-ruined, others still function as important religious centers. Billund Kirke is a complete different experience.

It’s rather new, built only recently (this is compared to other Danish churches), in 1973. The church stands in the center of a large area, which is designed to complement the building.

Billund Kirke also includes a theater, a library, a café and so on. In a word, a full bouquet of Danish culture.


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Although not included directly in the city, Jelling attracts almost all tourists who visit Billund. It is located 20 km away from Billund and includes burial mounds and several runic stones.

The wooden burial mounds were one of those accidentally discovered attractions that prove the active Danish culture during Viking-age. It was later declared that the burial mound was constructed for one of the most famous Viking kings, Gorm the Old.

Besides the burial mound you can study the runic stones that have inscriptions of bits of Danish history. The first ever mention of Denmark was on one of such rune stones.

The Jelling area also includes a church, which displays two of the most important Jelling Stones in Denmark.

The two stones tell stories about kings Gorm the Old and Herald Bluetooth.

It’s also in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The Egtved Girl

Egtved Girl
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Denmark is a country of numerous bog bodies and corpses, which the nature has preserved so well they have challenged the time and decay. Though not a bog body, the Egtved Girl is a wonderfully preserved body found in 1921.

She was buried in an oak coffin, with all the necessary traditions. This points more to a proper funeral rather than a sacrifice. Some burned bones of a child have been discovered near the body, now this could most definitely be a sacrifice.

The Egtved Girl was only 16 to 18 years old at the time of her death. She had long blonde hair, and was covered by a woolen blanket. The most spectacular finding were her cloths. She wore a medium-length sleeved shirt, a skirt and a belt, with a big round buckle. The remnants of the cloths can be seen in the museum nearby.

It’s quite astonishing when you learn such details about people who have lived thousands of years ago. Whoever organized the burial probably had no idea that he is sending a huge message to the future. You must not necessarily be a historian or an archeologist to be interested in this site. Everyone will find a WOW-factor here.

Karensminde Agricultural Museum

Karensminde Agricultural Museum
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Karensminde Agricultural Museum is another recreation of Danish history. This time, however, it’s not about Vikings, but Danes living in the beginning of the 20th century.

As Denmark was a heavily agricultural country for quite a long time, this museum is interesting not only for Danes themselves, but to foreigners as well.

The most interesting part about this museum is its style. It is considered a museum, but it’s a normal functioning farm at the same time. And perhaps it is more thrilling to see the exhibits in action than behind thick glass windows.

Karensminde includes all kinds of farm animals that were typical in Denmark last century. Celebrations and holidays are organized throughout the year, so if you plan to visit the farm, check out their calendar beforehand. You will not want to miss traditional Danish dances, food, and dresses.

There are many such villages that illustrate the culture of a historical period by employing actors dressed in relevant cloths. But they all refer to Viking Age, while Karensminde refers to modern times.

Children under 18 years of age are admitted free of charge.

Other Activites

Lalandia, Denmark
Photo by Håkan Dahlström

The oldest Danish mead brewery is located in Billund. Excavations in a number of places proved honey to be widely used in Denmark starting from Bronze Age till just recently. Maybe this is the reason why Danes make absolutely fantastic mead, it’s in their genes.

By visiting this site you will have a chance to see how mead is made through traditional methods. This is how Danes made this drink hundreds of years ago.

If you are on a vacation with children, it would be the best to find a separate activity for them, as the brewery is suitable for adults only.

Lalandia is a family resort, very similar to an amusement park, but actually much better. Just when it seemed there could be no new attractions in Billund, Lalandia was opened proving the thesis wrong.

Lalandia is a huge park with mainly water and sport oriented activities. There are enormous pools and complicated water slides. The park promises to be a refreshing experience. Apart from pools and slides, there are many opportunities for sports, namely football, tennis, badminton, skating, mini-golf, and so on.

Photo by Flisan/Lisa

The pools and other activities are indoors, so you don’t have to worry about the tricky weather. Just take your swimsuit along and get ready for real good competition.

Another Billund attraction that contains nothing from Vikings is Billund Sculpture Park. The park is a recent attraction with modern sculptures next to the beautiful natural landscape. Each of the sculptures has its own ideology and uniqueness.

Although not very exciting, the sculpture park is one of those attractions that can be visited in winter too. In fact, it has a different charm in that season.

Everything is covered in snow; trees, ground and sculptures, and it becomes quite the challenge to find the sculptures.

In summer, the human genius and creativity contrast with those of nature. And it’s up to visitors to decide which side has put more efforts.

And finally you can just walk around the city and the company of its welcoming residents.

Quick Facts

  • Status – the largest city in Billund Municipality
  • Number of visitors – 1 million annually
  • Population – 6139 (as of 2011)
  • Main attractions – Legoland, Billund Kirke, Jelling, the Egtved Girl, Karensminde Agricultural Museum, Lalandia, Billund Sculpture park

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