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Aalborg University

Aalborg University Building
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If you are visiting Aalborg, you must be ready for one thing . . . students, a lot of students. One of the peculiarities of Aalborg is that it’s a university city, welcoming students not only from Denmark, but also the whole world.

The public university was established by the name Aalborg University Center in 1974. It was later renamed Aalborg University in 1994. It was built on some prominent institutions, adding the new faculties over the time.

The oldest educational program, more than 2 centuries old (1768), that is still available at this university is Master of Science in Surveying and Mapping Programme (the land management and cadastral development program).

The university has campuses for its departments in three Danish cities: Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen. Some departments are located in the Aalborg city center.


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The university offers degrees in BA, MA, and PhD, as well as emphasizes the four core faculties:

  • The Faculty of Humanities
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences
  • The Faculty of Engineering  and Science
  • The Faculty of Medicine

All study courses are organized and planned within these four disciplines. Some of them, specifically 40 educational courses are available in English.

The Aalborg Method

Aalborg University Students
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The main peculiarity of the Aalborg University is the special teaching method it employs. The institution organizes the education of its students via the fusion of theory and practice. It encourages its students to learn by being involved in real conflicts and trying to solve them.

This problem-based method is called PBL or the Aalborg method. According to it, educational courses of theory and practice should be on an equal level. Moreover, the educational strategy is research-oriented, which means that the ability to conduct both individual and team research is valued.

International Students

International Students
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Aalborg University implements a number of projects for its international student community. This is why a big number of courses are fully available in English. The stress on individual and group projects makes the integration into the Danish society much easier and fun.

There are currently 14.000 students at Aalborg university, 1400 (10%) out of which are international students. As the popularity and reputation of the university rises, the number of applicants increases year by year.

The faculty includes about 2000 professors. The university is now working towards establishing a firmer position in the local and international university networks.

The university already has cooperation agreements with the Danish Royal School of Library and Information Science and is a member of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities.

Quick Facts

Name of the university – Aalborg University Center (1974), Aalborg university (1994)

Year of Establishment – 1974

Faculties – Humanities,  Social Sciences, Engineering and Science, Medicine

Oldest program – Master of Science in Surveying and Mapping Programme (1768)

Departments in other cities — Esbjerg, Copenhagen

Students – around 14.000 (10% international students)

Academic stuff – around 2000

Peculiarity – PBL – the Aalborg method

Networks – European Consortum of Innovative Universities


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