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Denmark Cities

Denamrk Cities
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There is something interesting about Denmark cities. All of them are connected to each other, and at the same time each of them possesses a peculiarity of its own. Some of them are more developed, offering a contemporary leisure and entertainment, while others are still on the level of a big town.

The latter usually have lots of historical attractions and recreation parks. There are 9 major cities in Denmark: Aalborg, Aarhus, Billund, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Helsingor, Odense, Ribe, and Roskilde.

Aalborg is a mid-range city. It accepts tourists who are eager to explore the Viking Age, offering the Viking burial place, which is one of the largest ones in the whole word. Then, there are visitors who come for the fun and the colors of Aalborg. Aalborg Festival is a celebration of costumes, music and dances. Going to Denmark do not forget about wide choice of hotels that can be booked right now via online web portals, take for example

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Aarhus can be considered a city within a city. First there is the art-oriented set of attractions like ARoS, and then there is a whole new world hidden within Aarhus. Den Gamle By or the Old Town is the historical village of all Denmark.

Buildings of the village were built and later moved from different parts of Denmark, whether urban or rural. In addition to that Den Gamle By includes a poster museum, toy museum, and other collections that will tell more about the Danish history than any other book.

Billund is the hometown of world famous LEGO. Legoland is one of the most visited amusement parks in the world. Once you enter the gates, everything you see is made of thousands of LEGO bricks. It’s an ideal destination for families, their kids are guaranteed to fall in in love with the park. If you like it there, you can always book a room in Legoland Hotel and spend the night as a princess or a cowboy.

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Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. No doubt, it’s the center of entertainment, business, politics, and also, why not, tourism. The majority of tourists travel across Denmark starting from this city.

In other words, it is the gate in and out Denmark. Copenhagen is also the seat of Danish monarchy, the oldest in fact. In fact, Copenhagen bears a heavy dose of royalty and luxury.

Esbjerg is a small town, which is filled with relaxation. Due to the overwhelming offer of opportunities it has twice been recognized as the City of the Year. It’s not an ancient city, it doesn’t have historical monuments devoted to Vikings or any ship building museums, but it is a truly majestic destination.

Helsingor is probably the most famous one from Denmark cities, perhaps after Copenhagen. This is because of the character it played and continues to play in world literature. The city has served as an inspiration for one of the greatest tragedies of all times, Hamlet by Shakespeare. Right here, the master of literature visited Kronborg Castle and chose it as the setting for his tragedy. The English version of the city name is Elsinore.

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Odense is another city that has played a key role in literature, this time Danish storytelling. Hans Christian Andersen, whose name is known to almost any child who loves fairy-tales, was born and inspired in Odense.

The city has still preserved some of the buildings that Andersen has visited and been influenced by. Odense is filled with Andersen’s spirit. Wherever you go you will surely encounter a reminder about the hero of the city in some way, be it a sculpture, painting, monument, or anything else you can think of.

Ribe is the oldest city of Denmark and the best representative of Viking culture. The big Viking Center accepts visitors from all over the world and takes them on a tour to the Viking world. Locals are dressed accordingly, even their lifestyle corresponds to Middle Ages. You can be a part of that world during the Ribe Viking Market, where you can not only purchase rear and beautiful Viking-style items, but also try and make them yourself.

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Roskilde is the last major city, which is famous with tourists. Roskilde is another promoter of Danish ancestors. There are recreational villages where you can observe and participate in excavations.

You can also see some of the most ancient passage graves, which are very common in Northern Europe and particularly Scandinavia.

However, the best offer of Roskilde is its festival. You have never seen better music, crazier audience and a more unforgettable vacation. Youth from all over Europe gathers here to witness the biggest Danish music event.


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