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Denmark Guide

The small and southern of the Scandinavian countries – Denmark, represents to your attention interesting symbiosis of brisk cities and rural calmness. Ancient locks, circular fortresses, jazz festivals, modern design, and people who have invented Lego – what else  is possible to wish?


The Kingdom of Denmark located in Northern Europe, borders on Baltic sea, the North Sea and Germany which is unique bridge for this country with continental Europe. The most part of territory of Denmark is on peninsula Jutland while the remained 482 islands from which only about hundred are occupied make the rest of the country. The islands Greenland and Faroes having their internal autonomy also belong  to the territory of Denmark.
It is no wonder that, being in such affinity with water, Danes strongly depend on navigation and fishery. Besides, the agricultural sector is also very important in Denmark, especially the country is famous for the dairy production: fans of oil and cheese  will generously estimate the taste of Denmark. This Scandinavian country can be proud of the small green farms, blue lakes and coastal beaches with white sand, villages with the small houses covered with straw, locks and the windmills disseminated here and there on all picturesque landscape which fits for bicycle walks so perfectly. The cities of the country are modern with their stormy life, but despite this in colourful buildings and cobblestone roads  there lives spirit of the Middle Ages till now. Denmark can brag more than 280 museums most important ones of which are located in Copenhagen, including the Museum of the ships of the Vikings, which exhibits allows to touch the world of ancient seafarers.
And as a whole, Copenhagen is the brightest and attractive city of Denmark. The most part of its sights is concentrated in one area while more habitual and usual parks of a city landscape, gardens, the areas and fountains are scattered on all capital. Copenhagen is especially favourite by enthusiasts of a promenade and shopping.
If you are a fan of music, you on advantage estimate possibilities which are given by the city of Arhus. Representations here the most various plan – from symphony concerts to theatrical performances. The old city (Den Gamle By) in itself is theater open-air.
Denmark flag
City of  Odense on island Fyn – capital of fairy tales. In this charming city there is world renowned Hans Christian Andersen’s house. Walk on historical city center and you will feel Andersen’s derived inspiration.

In Denmark there are also picturesque rocks from white limestone on island Maine, lock Egeskov of a XVII-th century and remarkable thematic park of entertainments – Legolend who especially deserves visiting if you travel across Denmark with children.

From active rest possibilities it is necessary to mention biking which is universal in Denmark, as well as swimming and surfing.

Denmark’s hallmarks are world-class design and uniformly high standards in education, transport, and accommodation. Danish Cuisine is excellent, especially in the realm of dairy products and scrumptious pastries.

Add to this  people are amicable and helpful, and the result is an overwhelming sense of welcome. Welcome to Denmark!


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