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Danish Versailles: Frederiksborg Castle

It is an open secret that the Danish Kingdom is home to historical and cultural places and is world known especially for its overwhelming castles. Danish turbulent history that has seen centuries of bloody battles for independence, has left a lasting note on the landscape in the form of many awe-inspiring castle. Each castle in Denmark has its history and some of them keep thousands of secrets that none of us will hardly be able to discover.

The tiny kingdom is blessed with architectural wonders, which make this place one of the top tourist destinations of Scandinavia. So today well go through a Danish castle, which differs from the rest with its uniqueness. After entering the enigmatic area you will feel like a bird, soaring above the Danish ancient history; Frederiksborg Castle is one of the popular icons of Denmark, where you will explore history, dive in ancient times and get acquainted with the amazing cultural heritage of the country.

Frederiksborg Castle is located in Hillerod, which is in the northern part of Danish capital Copenhagen. Those who want to delve into in the outstanding beauty of one of the most impressive Renaissance period masterpieces have a great chance to do it here because this quiet and peaceful resort is built in Dutch Renaissance style and is one of the significant representatives of this cultural stage. The 17th century castle built due to legendary Danish King Christian IV is so popular in Denmark that sometimes it’s called Danish Versailles. There are special tours, which offer scenic walks and cultural experiences not only in the castle itself, but also the amazing Baroque Garden. And you can study local culture as well. You can also enjoy the boat tour near the Castle lake, which provides a beautiful boat tour around the castle and alluring natural scenes on the way to the main significant wonder.

The most interesting and must visit part of the castle is the National Museum of History, which includes more than five hundred years of Danish  history starting from ancient and medieval times to the 21st century with incredible paintings and fabulous interior design, royal furniture and significant pieces of different times. There is an entrance fee, which also includes a floor plan that can be your guide all day long. For adults the entrance costs 75 DKK, for children between 6-15 it’s 20 DKK and for students it’s 60 DKK. But you can also order a family ticket, which includes two adults and three children and it will cost only 150 DKK. The museum was established by J.C. Jacobsen and now it’s an independent department of the Carlsberg Foundation. There are several rooms dedicated to past centuries Danish art and history, so visitors will also admire the valuable works of painters and sculptures. The collection of portraits is the largest and most significant in Danish Kingdom. The museum keeps receiving other new and modern unbelievably extraordinary works of art. Nowadays, visitors have the chance to wander around most of the magnificent internal rooms of the castle. On the third floor you can find modern wonders dating back to the 20th and 21st centuries.

The museum is open every day and all day long, so you can visit it whenever you wish. Photography lovers will enjoy the exhibition, which was opened in 2009 and the goal of the photographic gallery was to create a perfect place for the art of portrait photography, which was the part of collection starting from 1990s. The photography gallery is situated on the third floor. For those who are interested in souvenirs and various post cards or books, there is a museum shop available.

A key attraction in the castle is the fascinating Baroque Garden with its exclusive decorations and ideal location. The stunning setting attracts countless people. When you first set your eyes on it, that’s when you will understand why the stream of millions of people grows each each year. The garden was the favorite place of many Danish Kings who like spending their time near the architectural fountains, which embellish the entire area giving a breathtaking view even from the very far. This romantic hideaway with its scenic landscapes, alluring canals and lakes is a spectacular and tranquil place, where you can simply walk and admire every corner for hours. You will find here King Frederik II’s little Bath House Palace, which now is used by the Royal Danish family as a hunting area. In this historical garden there is also a small and fashionable cafe, which is especially enjoyable during summertime, so you can relax there and then resume your explorations.

This eye-catching and enchanting heaven is a dreamscape getaway for thousands of people throughout the world, so if you wish to see truly majestic views, a romantic spot and a live piece of history full of surprises and struggles, don’t hesitate visiting Frederiksborg Slot every part of which will help you understand the true soul of Danish people.

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