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Danes Continuously in the Spotlight

If you are interested in Danish culture or have any plans for a long-term stay, then there is one thing to do — to get to know the Danish customs and traditions, Danish history, facts about Denmark and of course the current state of issues in Denmark, be it political, social or educational. Staying in a foreign country implies learning some of the language as well. It shows not only your respect towards the country but also to yourself. So learning some Danish is also essential. But there is one thing to know as well — to know who are the current popular Danish figures, irrespective of their field of activity.

Photo by DRs Kulturarvsprojekt

As a tourist, knowing Hans Christian Andersen, perhaps the most popular Danish writer known throughout the world, would apparently be enough, but if you are planning to stay in Denmark for a longer period, which withdraws you from the tourist status, then you might also need to know, for example, Anders Matthesen. But who is he?

Comedian Anders Matthesen

Anders Matthesen has been twice announced the comedian of the year. This Danish artist is extremely popular for his comedy shows but quite “notorious” for his rap albums. As a comedian, he is brilliant and that is what makes the rest of people acting in the same field simply hate him, as he has no equals.

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Supermodel Reneé Toft Simonsen

Reneé Toft Simonsen gained exceptional popularity in the 1980s. She used to appear in th most famous magazines of those times, including the Vogue. She was so popular in the world that her pictures were decorating the walls of all teen and teen-spirited adults. Later on she became quite famous for her active involvement in a contest. The contest was not a common one; the main task was to find a new word for vagina.

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R&B artist Burhan G

Burhan G is one of the most renowned Danish artists whose albums tend to be number one in the album charts. The artist’s latest album “Din for evigt,” which is translated as “Forever yours” into English was a real boom although critics appeared to be less excited about it. The album is dedicated to his girlfriend and his mother. Songs dedicated to his mother are mainly an apology to her for his lack of appreciation for what she did. You can get acquainted with his art, by following the link.

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Gay fashion commentator Jim Lyngvild

Irrespective of your views on gays, if you love TV and if you are in Denmark, you will surely come across this person on TV while flipping through channels. This figure constantly keeps interest towards himself, be it by out-speaking because of which he has been fired more than once or by chance. For example, he was in the spotlight of a number of Danish and foreign news agencies after someone by mistake paid over 44.000 Euros for a nettle lotion from his collection.

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Hairdresser Dennis Knudsen

Every country has his top hairdresser, to whom all celebrities rush. In Denmark it’s Dennis Knudsen, a famous hairdresser and a stylist who has come to be known as a lover of prostitutes as well. Those are not rumors but a truth revealed by Dennis himself. Most people tend to think that male hairdressers are gays, but so far the sexual orientation of this hairdresser, whose fame has reached even Hollywood, is yet not clear.

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The number of Danes continuously being in the limelight is not limited to only the mentioned people. If you need some more names, then there are also 22-year-old money-loving millionaire Mads Dinesen offering silliest ways of wasting money or music critic Thomas Treo who seems to like no artist but Bob Dylan.


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