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Copenhagen: Luxurious Experiences

Just like any city Copenhagen offers various options for various types of travelers. Apparently, people traveling on budget will not enjoy the “fruits” of a luxury travel, but still it doesn’t mean the former will be discontented or unhappy with their travel. Before planning a visit to Denmark, in this case capital Copenhagen everybody needs to have a clear idea of what they are looking for and how much they are ready to pay.

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While most main attractions in Copenhagen are available for almost all tourists the differences occur as to the accommodation options, dining options as well as the shopping options. Besides, for someone renting a fancy car and exploring the city on the wheels and stopping where they would love to is a must while others might simply draw a route and explore the city on foot. If luxurious experiences are a priority for you and most importantly, you can afford it, here is what Copenhagen can offer.

Stay at Hotel D’Angleterre

Hotel D’Angleterre tops the list of Danish hotels. No matter how you search for the best hotels in Denmark, you will beyond a shadow of doubt have this hotel in your results.

Hotel D’Angleterre
Photo by Pnikosis

Hotel D’Angleterre was established in 1755. This hotel has survived through centuries and has come to be one of the number ones hotels. The walls and the building of this hotel have much to recount. Since its construction the hotel has played a certain role in the history of Denmark. It used to be a site for the most important events in Denmark.

The hotel has 90 rooms with large bathrooms. Note that this hotel is not for ordinary, more precisely budget travelers. It offers, luxury combined with modesty which provides ultimate comfort for each guest however, it might cost too much.

Dine at Noma Restaurant

Although there are a number of Noma equal restaurants, they are not Noma and the equality mark is not fully equal. Noma weighs more on the scales and it’s obvious why. Noma is Noma and it has worthily earned this status of the best restaurant in Copenhagen.

Noma Restaurant
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The restaurant’s menu is quite broad and includes interesting dishes from the Danish cuisine. The restaurant does not offer breakfast. So choose it either for lunch or for dinner. It’s open from Tuesday to Saturday. Those visiting Copenhagen during mid-summer should be aware that this restaurant is closed from July 30 to August 4.

If you happen to visit the city in the mentioned period, then we recommend visiting it Nimb Brasserie, where the dining will cost comparatively less. This restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a special children’s menu, if you are traveling with children.

Luxury shopping

Want it or not but shopping will be part of your Copenhagen visit. You will beyond doubt shop for souvenirs to gift to your friends and relatives when going back, you will doubtlessly shop for clothes or shoes, but if you want to do some luxury shopping, then here are a few recommendations for you:

Georg Jensen
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Georg Jensen – Georg Jensen was a Danish silversmith born in 1866. In 1904 he made decision for himself which changed his life. He had a very small capital but ventured and taking the risk opened his own silver-smithy.

The “business” rapidly developed and already in the 1920s the silversmith had his retail outlets opened in such major cities as New, York and Paris. Presently, Georg Jensen is a most popular brand and is known throughout the world. Georg Jensen jewelries have gained world recognition, and having an item from the brand’s collection is a must for every luxurious traveler.

Another quite popular Danish brand is DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. It’s an apparel store opened in 1997. This brand stands out with its modern, classic and ethnic designs. Along with that the offers of this brand are sexy and stylish. Dress up from clothes of this brand and you have all chances to appear as an ordinary Dane . Of course, not everybody can afford it but those who are looking for luxury, will obviously not spare any penny.


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