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Copenhagen for Family Travel and Elderly People

The Danish capital is an example of modesty and simplicity. The city is blessed with all an average tourist to Denmark needs to see and explore to feel happy and be contented with their visit. Copenhagen is suitable for people of various ages and groups. Let’s what it offers to people traveling with their families and let’s see what opportunities there are for elderly people for their peaceful and amazing time.

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Copenhagen for Family Travel

Traveling with the family, especially when there are kids is a brilliant decision but it also means that you have to do proper planning meaning that those traveling alone and those traveling with children apparently choose various sites. For example, you will hardly, go to clubs and bars in Copenhagen, instead you will spend the night walking in the street or visiting some children friendly place.

Where can you go with children? Well, Copenhagen offers a wide variety of options, among them amusement parks and the Copenhagen Zoo, where both you and your children will enjoy every moment. If you would like to combine the pleasant with the good, then you are welcome to visit the Viking Ships Museum where other than spending memorable time your children will also get to know about who Vikings were, what myths there are about them and their importance in the Danish history. The city also has children friendly beaches. Of you would like to add more thrill to your visit, then go for a sightseeing boat tour similar to the one people Paris tourists have on the Seine.

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More places to include on your family travel list are the splendid Tivoli Gardens, Dyrehavsbakken amusement park (it’s the oldest in the world) and Ripley’s Museum, which is simply a must.

What parents should know is that various discounts are set for children and parents are expected to pay only half of the price for the ticket. Make sure to check this out in advance. The amusement parks or the Copenhagen Zoo provide such discounts.

If you are looking for a family friendly hotel, then Hotel Avenue is a good option. Also, many restaurants in Copenhagen take care of their visitors’ convenience to such an extent that they have special child menus prepared. If you need special child chairs, then most restaurants will offer that too.

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Copenhagen for Elderly People

Gabriel Garcia Marquez who is one of the most renowned writers in our times, who passed away several days ago at the age of 87, wrote in one of his books “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams”. Traveling is a dream for many people, and it’s being a dream gets more firmly engraved in the mind as we grow older. Most people think they are no longer good for traveling and they will not make it to the fullest. While they are so terribly wrong. It particularly refers to elderly people residing outside of Europe.

Copenhagen is a city with most conveniences for elderly people to ensure their complete rest and help them relax and if they want – go crazy in this nice city. The city has an easy access to the beaches and gardens. Senior visitors are welcome to try the tasty Danish cuisine. Copenhagen won’t let people with disabilities feel uncomfortable either.

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Well, a year ago I was working in Spain with blind people and one of them said “okay I am blind but in some cases I can twist it in my favor” and she did. So is the case with elderly people, being old is not a disease but it does provide certain privileges and advantages for you. Elderly tourists to Copenhagen, particularly those who are 65 and above can enter the majority of museums in Copenhagen as well as other Copenhagen attractions at a reduced price.


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