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Copenhagen for Adventure Seekers

Welcome to Danish Copenhagen, a city fitted for any type of travel and any type of travelers. No matter you are senior person or are traveling with your family or a just single traveler you will find your own Copenhagen within the walls of this wonderful city. While senior travelers will more likely opt for more serene rest and family travelers – for more child friendly attractions, the crazy young – no matter they are traveling alone, with friends or their sweetheart – will beyond doubt look for something complying with their craziness. It’s usually the amusement parks and the night clubs and bars.

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The adventure seekers will obviously not sit tight and they will spare no effort to find a perfect venue to raise their adrenaline. If you do good research, then you will definitely be suggested various options one of which will be B&W Center. Note that it offers indoor activities but if you need adventures, then you are on the right track.

B&W Hallerne is a former industrial complex. It’s located in Central Denmark which means that before or after you can visit some of the major nearby Danish attractions without spending too much time on getting from one part of the city to the other one. It was built in the early 1960s by Burmeister & Wain.

Copenhagen 1
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It should be said that the complex includes two large halls. If you think for some 5 minutes and if you are acquainted with the history of Denmark, then you might already have some idea of what those halls served for. If you don’t, they were used for ship-building. The ship building stopped in 1996 and presently, it has emerged into an adventure center offering a wide range of entertainment activities.

The first and foremost thing to consider is that in this case being an adventure seeker is not enough. You should be ready to challenge yourself as well as overcome the challenges and bottlenecks you might encounter on your way. Being brave does not count either. Yes, you should be brave but you should also have the relevant physical capacities and strength. Thus, if you do, “awaken” yourself opt for one of the most entertaining difficulties to overcome – the world’s highest roping-course.

The rope rises at the height of 50 meters. It’s enough to scare the life out of you if you dare it, then it will be enough to prolong your life for a few more years due to the happiness you will feel inside you. Note that there are 28 exercises and the more you get into them the more difficult they become but it’s exactly this increasing difficulty that keeps interest at its peak.

Urban High Roping
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Urban Ranger Camp is quite popular with Danish people, mostly with the young. The camp organizes a number of activities among them rappelling, climbing, free-fall and so on. The high-roping course is another initiative they realized.

A brief introduction of Urban Ranger Camp would be it is founded by three brothers who were raised on a farm. Not having too many activities to opt for, the brothers used to challenge each other continuously, and thus “this habit” turned into their venture in the future.

It took the three brothers over two months to turn their idea into reality. On the whole it was built by French specialists. The roping course includes four tracks each coming with a different degree of difficulty. They are categorized into Track/S2:1, Track/S2:2, Track/S2:3 and Track/S2:4.

Urban High Roping 1
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If you feel it’s what you do want but you don’t feel mentally prepared then go for the easiest track – Track/S2:1. And the hardest one is Track/S2:4. Each of the tracks includes 7 exercises. Note that you should aim to bring down Track/S2:4. If you successfully complete it, then you will be “awarded the title” of an Urban Ranger.

Overall, this extreme adventure will last 3-4 hours. It’s not free of charge. Those venturing it will have to pay over EUR 50. It’s a bit much for a budget traveler, but still it’s worth it. There is also an age limit set at 16.

As already said, the complex is located within an easy reach from the center of the Danish capital. It will take around ten minutes, so you can even walk there with a map and directions.


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