Castles in Denmark

Palace Fredensborg

Palace Fredensborg is summer royal residence. Constructed in the Italian style and located among formal park, the palace is accessible for visiting only in July (from 13:00 till, 25 kr). If you are lucky enough to meet the queen in the residence shortly before midday you can observe changing of the guard. The palace park located on the bank of the second-large lake in Denmark, is opened for public all year long.
The palace is located halfway between Hillerd and Helsinger, in 1 km from station Fredensborg. Pass on from the station to the left, then curtail to the right, on the main road conducting to a palace.

Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle, with its ditch and drawbridge, is present treasure of times of the Renaissance. Constructed in 1554 in the middle of a small lake, Egeskov – in a literal translation “oak wood” – is based upon the base from thousand oak logs. Extensive, on 15 hectares surrounding the castle a park has been designed in 1700 and there you will find the century green hedges, peacocks walking on freedom and well-groomed English gardens.

Inside the castle you will see ancient furniture, fine pictures of that period and a large quantity of the hunting trophies.
Fans of labyrinths can walk on a 200-year-old labyrinth formed by three-meter bamboo trunks.
As in castle territory there is a museum of old cars where about 300 exhibits are presented.
Egeskov Castle is located to the south from Odense on island Funen and you can reach it by train or by the bus.

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