• The Old Town: Piece of History and Culture

    Laughing and always happy Denmark is one of those countries where everything seems great, people always smile because they are very satisfied with their lifestyle, attractions offer amazing and perfect vacation, luxury hotels welcome their visitors with a big smile, and countless museums and theaters are waiting to be explored. Summer is the best time […]

  • Best Museums in Copenhagen

    Lively and green Copenhagen is no doubt one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and especially in Scandinavia, which for already many years is attracting local and international travelers. Blessed with a wide range of amazing attractions and magnificent places, this happy city is a place to be seen to be believed. […]

  • Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen

    Green Copenhagen warmly welcomes its visitors with amazing attractions and alluring gardens, marvelous theaters and museums, where you can find countless art values, world-class restaurants and luxurious hotels offering you the best for your trip. If you happen to visit the lively capital of Denmark, make sure to stay in a hotel near the attractions […]

  • Fashion in Denmark: you will never get bored

    What do we know about Danish fashion? InWear and Matinique, Saga Furs, Evita Peroni, Ecco. The Scandinavian beauty Helena Kristensen. Well, someon may remember B-Young … By the way, about Ecco. All advertizing posters of this, undoubtedly, qualitative, but absolutely faceless, boring footwear have been always always admired. On posters is the same footwear but […]

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Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is on the threshold. This music event discovers new talents and opens a new window of opportunities for all participants irrespective of how many points they score. What matters is participation and recognition comes all at once. Perhaps that is the reason why so many artists “fight” for being the one […]

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Breeds Originating in Denmark: Pig, Sheep, Duck, Goose, Goat

The two domesticated and most beloved creatures for humans are horses and dogs. We have already talked about the elegant and aristocratic horse breeds originating in Denmark and about trustworthy and devoted human companions — dog breeds originating in Denmark. Danish people should be quite proud of it, but dogs and horses are not the […]

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Breeds Originating in Denmark: Horses/ Ponies

Traditionally, horses are associated with aristocracy. These herbivorous (plant eating) animals with 205 bones in their skeleton have been domesticated for already 5000 years. Horses are magnificent animals and perhaps that is the reason why they were domesticated this early — it is most likely that people could not stand seeing a more magnificent creature […]

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Breeds Originating in Denmark: Dogs

Lots of topics have been covered about Denmark. We have discussed the best Danish attractions, we have given various Denmark travel ideas and guides, and we have talked about the popular food, sport and so on. Apparently, much has been spoken about, but it turns out there is one topic about which we have been “ignorant” […]

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The History of Dyrehavsbakken Amusement Park

Once issues related to accommodation options are settled, there is one more thing to consider — to ensure your quality time in Denmark. By quality we imply fun, entertainment, and learning. There are lots of places to visit and get acquainted with Danish history and Danish culture, and there are lots of attractions too, where you will […]

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Denmark’s Night Magic

Denmark is an amazing country with strict observance of rules. The strictness is especially visible during the day-time, but as the night falls, people start renouncing their straight faces and cold attitude and get warmer with each sparkling star that appear and brightens up the night sky. That’s when the other, more passionate side of […]

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Having some fun at a casino in Denmark

Denmark has so much to offer visitors and in addition to the intriguing historical attractions, the gorgeous landscapes and the abundance of delicious food it is also home to a surprisingly large number of casinos. There are a total of six casinos in Denmark and the majority of these popular gaming destinations are based in […]

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Danish Bread, Blue Cheese, Pastry and Beer

There is hardly a kid who hasn’t for a second dreamed of visiting Denmark’s Legoland, or an adult who hasn’t thought of seeing the magical Tivoli Gardens or the Little Mermaid statue. Denmark is a country of rules and many people who love it when things are within law and where human rights are respected, […]

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Clarion Collection Hotel Mayfair in Copenhagen

Perhaps, years ago when there was no Internet, or at least it was not this common among people, they used to try to find at least one person who might have stayed at a particular hotel to ask him about the quality of service or the convenience and many would probably simply “take the risk,” […]

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Most Popular Sport, Food, Name, Author and Site in Denmark

Denmark is a strict country with welcoming Danish people, interesting and exciting history and outstanding culture. One thing every person — be a tourist or an immigrant — is required to do upon visiting Denmark is to respect their customs and traditions, their manners and their preferences. This said, there are things, which are most […]

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Gorm the Old: First King of Denmark

Amazing Denmark has a remarkable and victorious history, which is worth knowing, especially those parts, which concern seafaring Vikings and Danish monarchy. Since the the tenth century the country has had over 55 monarchs each of whom has had their contribution to the history of Denmark and have left their mark on it. The Danish […]

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Danes Continuously in the Spotlight

If you are interested in Danish culture or have any plans for a long-term stay, then there is one thing to do — to get to know the Danish customs and traditions, Danish history, facts about Denmark and of course the current state of issues in Denmark, be it political, social or educational. Staying in a foreign country implies […]

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Lesser Known Lokken in the North of Denmark

Lokken is not one of the top popular or largest Danish cities. In fact, it’s one of the small ones located in Northern Denmark, and doesn’t have much to attract tourists with. Nevertheless, you never know, maybe by some miracle you might be drawn to this town? What to do? While there are not so […]

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Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum: Traveling through the Age of Trams

In most countries trams are only a history of which we learn from our grandparents and grand-grandparents. For some of us they might appear interesting means of transportation, for the rest they might seem to have weird appearance as they are used to the present-day transports. Several thirty-forty years down the road trams might become […]

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Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen

Did you know there is such a thing as the Institute of Reputation, which has published the list of countries coming with the best and worst reputations as well as the best self-perception. Apparently, relatively small Denmark has nothing to do among the countries with the worst reputation but it surely falls into the top […]